Thursday, March 17, 2011

HG 1/144 00 Gundam & O Raiser Part 10 [Final]

Plamo superiority

Last part of my review on HG 1/144 00 Gundam and O Raiser.

Even more action poses after the posting yesterday:

No problem at all for the Twin Drive's joints to support O Raiser's binders and shield pieces. The add-ons may look heavy, but the joints remain sturdy after adjustment for so many poses.

Configuration between 00 Gundam and 00 Raiser, extremely flexible articulation range and plenty of combination for the weapons allow unlimited configuration of action poses. Not to mention the display stand included with O Raiser is mighty useful in expanding the kit's posability. ^^

Apart from the model kit itself, another topic I always wanted to cover in this review all the way from the beginning is the comparison with its HCM-Pro equivalence, which I reviewed in December last year. The product design variations for the same Gundam is something I was always interested in.

Without going into the details, the proportion of both 00 Gundam and O Raiser between the two product versions is a bit different. For 00 Gundam, the HG version emphasizes a slimmer but more "macho" look I think, ^^ with longer and more slender legs, but with larger torso and having the Twin Drive separated further from the shoulder armors. The upper body seems larger than the lower body in terms of proportion, giving it a much more muscular look. The HCM-Pro version on the other hand, has a more mechanical look on all its components, for example broader legs with more poly-edged design. Same goes for its body unit.

Comparing between the two versions of O Raiser, the HCM-Pro version seems significantly smaller in terms of proportion as compared to its plamo equivalence. The highlight here is the binders, which are so much thinner. ^^; Are they designed in that way to lessen the burden on the Twin Drive's joints? Maybe, but the look is definitely beaten by the model kit. ^^;

A look at the docking design:

The same three components.

The HCM-Pro version has one hook to connect to 00 Gundam's GN Drive, the HG version has two instead.
Also, the tail portion of the binder is movable for the HG version. This feature is missing on the HCM-Pro version.

Only the HCM-Pro version requires part swapping for the transformation.

The size difference between the binders is very obvious to see ^^;

The HCM-Pro version's binder hooks into one of the slots on the drive. Same design for the HG version, but it has another connector that goes into the slot on the mount rack.

For the HG version, the entire mount rack moves when the binder is turned. The binders on the HCM-Pro version move via rotation of the GN Drive.

Same pose, just different way of achieving it. ^^

The difference in how the binders connect to 00 Gundam also shows the difference in how the joint of that component is used. For the HG version, movement of the binders is controlled by the same joint that moves the GN Drive mount rack, with or without the binders. Quite a heavy duty joint that is, but so far there's no sign of the joint going flimsy. The use of polycap at this joint seems to be working well for the kit.

The HCM-Pro version on the other hand, relies on the rotation of the GN Drive to control the movement of the binders. The "responsibility" is not on the hinge joint of the mount rack. In theory, such design should help to lessen the stress on the hinge joint, since it's not used at all when the binders move, but for the actual figure itself, the hinge joint is simply too weak to support the weight of the binders anyway, an issue already highlighted in the review last December. ^^; The problem is not really about using or not using the joint, it's a matter of how strong the joint is in supporting the add-ons.

On a separate note, I think 00 Gundam is one of the most versatile Gundam designs out there. Apart from having multiple upgrades and weapons, with O Raiser as one of them, there are many ways for the model kit to be configured with those add-ons as well. I've already seen many creative modifications of 00 Gundam after its Seven Sword form came out. More enhancements like 1/144 XN Raiser and GN Sword IV Full Saber (technically an add-on for HG 1/144 00 Qan[T] instead) can also be used on 00 Gundam. The alternate forms it can have is limitless, and the work required to get these forms seem quite minimal as well.

A simple one you can do without any trouble at all:

Instead of splitting the binders, the entire O Raiser can be mounted directed onto the backpack.

Get another O Raiser and mount the binders onto the Twin Drive to get a 00 Raiser with four binders and extra shields. ^^

Completely up to your imagination and creativity. ^^

Lastly, the ever lasting impression I have about GN Sword II on 00 Gundam:

A pair of boat row XD

Just for the laugh. ^^

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Anonymous said...

I totally fell down upon seeing the last image.

Imagine Setsuna singing "Row-row your boat". That'd be quite a sight. XD

sl619 said...

a well thought and organized review as usual ngee. Kudos on the last photo. ^^

Johnathan Li said...

As a matter of fact, both XN Raiser and GN Sword IV Full Saber have already been released. Plus there's another 00 Gundam released in HG as well - Gundam 00 Seven Sword/G which the kit adds a GN Sword II Blaster to its arsenal. Proud to have all 3 in possession though. But still liked 00 Qan[T] Full Saber the most, waiting for HG Gundam AGE-FX to complete Crossover unity - Sangokuden Style.