Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam Part 9 [Final]

What is that? Awkward ground action with big backpack? Never heard of that before

Action poses of the just completed BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam.

Just Impulse Gundam (without the Force Silhouette pack).

Force Impulse Gundam with beam saber.

Pretty good ground action poses, with or without the backpack. ^^

Mounting the model on its display stand.

Since the Force Silhouette pack can be displayed separately using the display stand, it makes a great complimentary display item alongside Impulse Gundam.

With BB Senshi Destiny Gundam, who is a little bit taller.
Destiny Gundam has more gimmicks with its backpack weapon system, but it's also important to note that it's 200 Yen more expensive than Force Impulse Gundam.

Destiny Gundam can use the display stand as well.
Actually, I think the stand is designed to be compatible with all BB Senshi kits from "Gundam SEED Destiny".

With BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei ReGZ.
Apart from joint design, their body proportion seems a bit different as well.

A pretty nice BB Senshi kit I would say, although nothing is really too outstanding when compared to the other releases from the "Gundam SEED Destiny" series. The display stand turns out to be quite a huge selling point (in my opinion), surprisingly. ^^ Apart from being very versatile for Force Impulse Gundam - the ability to mount the model kit itself, separate display for Force Silhouette pack or Core Splendor with extra part to store the beam saber handles and spare parts from Core Splendor, it can be used by other BB Senshi kits as well, which seems a lot more appropriate in terms of size, since Action Display Base 2 would seem somewhat too big for BB Senshi kits, even though it's also adequate for the task.

The fact that it's in deformed proportion also makes the ground action poses pretty nice-looking. Personally, I always have problems with showing action poses of kits from "Gundam SEED Destiny", as mentioned in the reviews for MG Destiny Gundam, 1/100 Legend Gundam and the more recent MG Infinite Justice Gundam, because their huge backpack seems wasted, even with BB Senshi Destiny Gundam as well. I don't have that issue with Force Impulse Gundam though. Even without the display stand, the poses seems fine. the ankle joints can be adjusted to flex its body position, giving it many dynamic looking poses that even the display stand couldn't provide because of no movable joint parts on it. Better display without the display stand, another strange feeling developed after finishing this kit. ^^

Will be moving away from Gunpla for a short while after the completion of two kits in a short period. ^^

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