Friday, March 11, 2011

Revoltech Queen's Blade Alleyne Part 2

Revoltech joints for almost everything

While the look is definitely not up to par with a standard figurine, the various joints on Revoltech Queen's Blade Alleyne can be adjusted to allow the figure to mimic the pose of her Excellent Model CORE equivalence, which was released by Max Factory back in 2009.

Image is from Hobby Search.

Together with the customized Queen's Blade display base, it makes a very nice display I would say. ^^ Apart from the details, Revoltech joints' flexibility is proven once again on my book. ^^

A look at the accessories and joint design of Revoltech Alleyne:

The "M" mode parts and three option hand units.

Ripped outfit and "M" mode face part. ^^;
Will not be covering these items in this review. ^^;

Option hand units. The cherries are fixed to that one particular right hand unit.

Display stand with extension part and joint, and the usual RevolContainer and RevolChip.

Neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist all use Revoltech joints.

A closer look at the arm unit.
Because both ends of her vambrace do not cover the elbow and wrist joints, they have very wide articulation range for action.

Revoltech joints for each of the 4 "segment" on the cape.
Revoltech joint is used in between the chest and abdomen as well.

Revoltech joints for the hip, knee and ankle. The leg can turn at thigh level as well.
The ankle's movement is quite limited because of the greave that is around it.

To swap between the face parts, the hat needs to be lifted first.
The joint that connects the hat to the back of her head is also a Revoltech joint, as with the two at the base of her flocks of hair.

The joint on the front portion of the hair seems to a hinge joint at first glance, but is also a Revoltech joint.
And this is how you swap between the face units.

The "M" mode expression ^^;

All 23 Revoltech joints according to the introduction on Revoltech's catalog site, but I only counted 22. The breakdown of that number:
- Head, hat and neck: 5
- Body: 1
- Cape: 4
- Shoulder and arm: 6
- Hip and leg: 6

Excluding another 3 used for the display stand that is.

Unbelievable number of Revoltech joint used on a female character based Revoltech figure. There's also no discrimination at all for Revoltech joints to be used for major and minor movable parts. Major joints like the elbow and knee, minor joints like the hat and front hair part all use Revoltech joints to move. That's pretty impressive in my opinion. ^^

If Kaiyodo adopted the same joint design used in the Fraulein series for these Queen's Blade characters, the outcome would have been very different. Fraulein Yoko Movie Ver. only has 11 Revoltech joints, half of what Alleyne has. ^^; Is her overall look any better than Alleyne? Not really in my opinion. ^^; The "sliced" elbow and knee on Yoko aren't pretty at all. ^^; Since it's an action figure, I think it's always good to go for the best movable design. For Revoltech, I see no problem incorporating as many Revoltech joints as possible, since no joint can be made to be as natural-looking as an actual character anyway, unless it's concealed that is. It's the same opinion I have on Max Factory's Figma series, Tamashii Nation's S.H. Figuarts series, Square Enix's Play Arts Kai series and Griffon Enterprises's Figutto! series.

The most recent release from Revoltech Queen's Blade is Ymir, which is incorporated with 26 Revoltech joints, 4 more as compared to Alleyne and I don't think it affects her overall look at all.

Still on the look of those joints, I think Kaiyodo did a brilliant job in making those joints less visible, which increases overall appeal of the figure. The joints' colors match that of the parts they connect to, very much like the feature mentioned in recent reviews of Revoltech Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura and Date Musamune.

Revoltech Alleyne with more action poses in the next posting.

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Chris said...

I think you meant Megahouse instead of Max Factory for Alleyne's Excellent Model Core figure.

Actually the only joints which bothered me are the elbows. The rest are reasonably well-concealed.