Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Ferry Part 5

Lift off!

Continue with the assembly on the second alternate model of Lego Creator No. 4997 Transport Ferry - the cargo plane after the first posting yesterday.

Very simple-looking "cargo" for the front section of the plane.
Not sure what they are actually, but they do fit into the front cargo bay nicely.

Unlike the tail container door, the front door has no extra part to secure its closure, but it can remain closed nicely, so the cargo inside remain safe always. ^^

Very nice combination of parts to get the slope and rounded top of the plane's tail.

Four repetitive sets of parts for the wing's engine.
Quite a few parts of different shapes for each component to get the realistic look of a turbine engine. While the shapes are different, their colors are very close to each other, giving all of them a very consistent feel. ^^

A few more vent-like parts to secure the engines to the wings.

Another four sets of repetitive parts for the fins on the engines.

All the fins rotate nicely.
There's enough room between each engine so the sets of fins do not collide with each others at all.

And the entire model is done. ^^ More images of the cargo plane:

A large amount of leftover parts after the assembly - about 1/3 of the entire package I would say. Enough to build another model of something ^^

Looking at all the leftover parts after completing the cargo plane, it's perhaps true to say that this alternate model is the simplest one to assemble among the three in this Lego Creator set. There is only one manual for the this model while the other two have Part 1 and Part 2 for their manuals each, as shown in the introduction of this Lego set back in early January. However, less parts doesn't make the size of the completed model smaller though. The cargo plane is really quite a sight when completed. ^^ It doesn't have the volume of the transport ferry, but it's mighty huge anyway. ^^

I like the simple function of the cargo containers as well. Apart from the intended function of door opening and closure, they help to give more details to the model as well. Many parts are dedicated to make the cargo bay realistic looking, for example smooth tile parts for the floor and blocks between the bay and the rest of the body. So, beside the exterior, there are some interior compartment details to see as well, which is very neat. ^^

Will be trying out the last alternate model, the hovercraft sometime in the future. ^^

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