Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Ferry Part 4

Transport ferry, transform!

Definitely not "transform", but "dismantle and reassemble" instead. ^^

Trying out one of the two alternate forms of Lego Creator No. 4997 Transport Ferry I built in early January this year - the cargo plane. Chronologically, this should be the last one to assemble, after the hovercraft, but I figure since the hovercraft is somewhat similar to the original model, I should assemble the cargo plane first instead. ^^

Assembling the mini truck first.
All the wheels turn.

Very long body of the plane that get broader as more parts are added on.

The tail section of the plane has just enough room to accommodate the little truck built just now.

Bright colored bricks for the body.

Assembling the nose of the plane.
The radar from the Transport Ferry becomes the nose XD

Assembling the doors.

Both doors are completely identical, and can be opened or closed perfectly.

Very realistic looking windows. ^^

More parts going in for the body, where the progress is approaching the roof. ^^

Another set of long parts combined to form the wings of the plane.

Done for the basic structure of the wings.
Bricks of different colors are used for the signal lights on both ends of the wings. ^^

The size of the whole plane is finally shown after the wings are assembled onto the body.

A few broad blue parts for the roof of the plane, which help to secure the position of the wings as well.

More parts for the tail of the plane, including a small movable tab which will be used to secure the cargo container's door later.

Assembled the tail wings.
Bricks of different colors are used for the signal lights, which match the ones on the main wings. ^^

Wheels beneath the body.

Assembling the cargo door.

Apart from the realistic look, the door is of course functional. ^^

Everything fit nicely together. ^^

The tab on top of the tail assembled earlier on allows the door to be secured.

A few more components to complete the assembly, and images of the completed cargo plane coming up next.

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