Friday, March 4, 2011

Revoltech Sanada Yukimura Part 5 [Final]


More action poses of Sanada Yukimura after the first batch on two postings back:

Just like Date Masamune, the boss pose is no problem for this figure. ^^

Comparison with Revoltech S.F.O. Chunli.

And because I got Sanada Yukimura together with Date Masamune, pairing them up for their rivalry as seen in the game is compulsory before the end of the review. ^^

A very awesome action figures with great details and posability this is. Very fun to play with, and a lot of nice details to be seen as well. ^^

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Revoltech Yamaguchi Sanada Yukimura

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Chris said...

Great articulations, crazy details, and cheap price are what I love about Revoltech. I wish all action figures had all these combinations.

Those are a lot of showdown pics. Did you leave some for Date Masamune final review too? ^^;