Monday, March 28, 2011

Nendoroid Haruhi Part 2 [Final]


By the order of SOS Brigade leader, every details of the accessories must be introduced properly! ^^

2 option face parts, arm parts, hand units and arm bands.

Option face parts are designed with "mischievous" and "angry" type expressions, which suit Haruhi very well. ^^

You won't be able to see this clearly, but there's no smiley face symbol of Good Smile Company on the joint as seen on Miyuki's joints. That design feature was only implemented some time after Haruhi I suppose.

Arm parts. The hands can turn, or detached and used with the other two arms.

Another two hand units - one seemingly a closed fist (^^;), and another one which is fixed with a paper loudhailer from the movie-making scene.

Two armbands, which technically aren't "bands" since they are more like clip-ons instead. ^^
As you can predict, one says "Brigade Leader", while the other one is "super director" XD
The difference in the calligraphy type of which the words are printed on the bands shows the level of details given to such small parts.

Haruhi in her usual Brigade Leader commanding pose.

Swap parts to Super Director mode ^^

Super Director Haruhi

Typical Nendoroid method to change the face parts.

Haruhi after some mischievous plans. ^^

A not-so happy Haruhi ^^;

Nendoroid Haruhi is a perfect compliment for Max Factory's 1/8 scale figurine release. Not only is the signature pose the same, the alternate Super Director pose of the figurine can be performed by the Nendoroid version as well.

Quite a match really. ^^

Everybody needs a Haruhi-type character in life to cheer things up I suppose. ^^ This Nendoroid figure is a really fun figure to have for me. Apart from the sense of accomplishment of finally being able to have her after so many years, the expressions and poses she can display are very cute. ^^

A very good display items to accompany you in grinding through paperwork and studies, because Haruhi can give you a lot of energy when she looks you in the eyes (from the computer game episode in the anime series).

Like this ...

... or maybe not? ^^

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