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Revoltech Queen's Blade Alleyne Part 3 [Final]

The irony

I was talking about all the goodness of Revoltech joints on Alleyne in the previous posting, but I have to mention a few parts where they are not exactly that great in this last posting for the action figure. ^^;

First one is coming right up. ^^;

The weight of the entire figure is too much for the normal display base to handle. Given that the joints used for the stand are of the same type used on the figure itself, the weight issue is too obviously predictable. ^^;

Switch to using Figma stand instead. Problem solved.
Revoltech figure using Figma stand. I think I'll drink Coca-Cola using prize glass from Pepsi after this.

Beside for display as shown in the previous posting, the figure is pretty good in terms of action poses. Although I must say, her ankle articulation is quite weak, as the joint is limited by her pair of greaves. Thus, the display stand is very important for Alleyne. I think her action poses off the ground are so much better than those on it, since the issue with her ankle articulation is resolved, and there is more room to wield her personalized weapon as well. However, as pointed out above, the display base included for this figure is ineffective for the support, unfortunately. ^^; The weight is too overwhelming for the Revoltech joints on the stand to handle. For some reason I think Kaiyodo must have foreseen this problem already, but for the sake of showing how Revoltech joints can be used on a display stand, the same joint design that works well for smaller figures from the Fraulein series is used for the one included for Alleyne, even though the situation (figure) is not the same at all.

Same case with RevolContainer I would say, the standard-sized box is given for all releases, regardless of the size of the accessories for each of them. Some may be useful to store the parts, but for some other ones, the RevolContainer is an extra bonus that doesn't do anything at all. ^^;

On the other hand, surprisingly (or maybe not), the heaviest part on the figure is actually the cape. Fabric is supposed to be light in actuality, but for the figure, the cape is two heavy chunks of red PVC parts. I like the details and wrinkle pattern on the parts alright, but they are quite annoying in causing the figure to tilt backward when standing, and they contribute to a hefty portion (literally) of the problem of why the display stand doesn't work with Alleyne. ^^;

Except for the very obvious joint separation on the top of her head, Alleyne without her cape and hat is pretty good-looking:

Alleyne without her cape and hat almost defeated Echidna and cleared that particular round of Queen's Blade in the second season of the anime. It seems that getting rid of the cape is actually a good thing for Alleyne in and outside the anime. ^^;

Comparison with Figma Meiya Mitsurugi.
With the joints properly adjusted, Alleyne can definitely stand well without the "support" of her cape.

A great action figure with very well painted details. There are some flaws in terms of joint design, especially the ankle, plus a "unhelpful" display stand that can't support the figure's weight. ^^; Then again, character goods are more about the love for that character rather than the functionality of the figure itself. I'm sure fans of Alleyne won't miss out on this Revoltech release.

Still hoping to get Cattleya. ^^

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Chris said...

I agree that Alleyne without her hat and cape is good-looking because it removes the red colour and makes her look more "natural".

Cattleya is released twice but sold out on both occasions. Pretty hard to get one now, I supposed. ^^;