Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HG 1/144 GN-X Part 5

An abundance of Xs

Working on the rest of HG 1/144 GN-X's components after the first posting yesterday.

Parts for the chest binders.

Very simple combination of the chest piece and two binders.

Chest binders completed.
Kind of hard to tell which side is the top one straight away. ^^

Very limited articulation for the binders, even though they are connected to the chest piece via ball-type joints.

Parts for the waist binders.

Separable components - same design as the chest binders really, just different ways where the binders are pointing towards. ^^

Peg joint via polycap allows the binders to move on the side.

A giant 'X' from both sets of binders, and a smaller one on the chest piece. ^^
Having all the armors molded in single pieces really improves the exterior appearance of these components. ^^

Parts for the waist.

Separable components for the waist.
Having the slot for mounting the model to a display base on the rear skirt armor is a rather uncommon design. ^^

Waist unit completed.

Revisiting the golden thruster painted in Part 3.

Lower body completed, in before the waist binders come in.

The waist binders are mounted to the groin.

Like a giant swallow hanging on the waist. ^^

Unfortunately, the waist binders kind of put a limit on the great articulation of the leg. The collision between the binder and thigh armor is unavoidable.

Parts for the body unit.

Foil sticker is used for the chest GN Drive. Also, sort of a last-minute work there, the edge of the clear part is painted in red using normal marker so that the color can be reflected in certain views - makes it somewhat cooler-looking. ^^

Major components.

Completed - in before the chest binders come in.

Four triangular parts on the cone forms an 'X'. ^^

Very good articulation design for the shoulders. Since the shoulder blocks are assembled with the joints, they will move when the shoulders move. Very cool stuff. ^^
Similar design with the first HG Gundam Double O kit- Gundam Exia, but for GN-X, each shoulder block is a single piece part.

Fitted with the chest binders.

Upper body completed.

Not very easy to see the GN Drive now with the chest binders blocking the view. ^^

Waiting for the head unit now.

All parts for the head.

Foil stickers for the eyes and head sensor unit. The clear part for the forehead is treated with red marker just like the one on the chest.

Done for the head. ^^
An 'X' on the forehead, and the eyes form one as well.

The top two eyes are not really visible as they are hidden by the forehead part, but it still look pretty menacing nonetheless.

More images of the completed kit in the next posting.


Gugu said...

Hey Ngee, great work here !
I waiting for your part of action poses !
And i hope you make the review of Chogokin Alteisen soon.

Q said...

As stated on the subheading there, there sure are a lot of "X" patterns all over GN-X, even for the HG 1/144 scale! :o

MARTIN said...

GN-X is a great design and I enjoyed building it a few years back. Stangely of the first season 00 kits it still has value to me, probably due to the gun modes (smaller rifle, big blaster).
Makes me think I should get the 100 scale...!