Saturday, July 16, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 12

Detail enhancement

Finishing up on MG Force Impulse Gundam this time! ^^

Two parts for the cockpit hatch.

Painted the rear side of the parts gray using Gundam Marker to make them look like they are made up of two separate layers.
Since the area is wide enough for the tip of Gundam Marker to go in directly, I applied the paint. It's the exact opposite reason for me not to do so for the recent work on MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0's cockpit hatch.

The paint scheme is not shown in the manual, as the photo taken on the opened cockpit hatch "strategically" ignored the rear face of the two parts XD

Panel lined the two parts when the paint has dried.

A tiny bit of the insertion pin on the "V" part to be fitted onto the top hatch is painted blue using Gundam Marker to hide its yellow base color behind the hatch part when assembled.

The giant split down the middle between the front and back of the body is shown without any color painted in the middle.

I chose to paint it gray to set its connection with the inner frame that the body armor is containing inside.

Two segments behind the red armor parts are also painted in gray.

Panel lining for all the armor parts.

Error spotted for the little bit of molded details on top of the chest armor. ^^;
It's an error no doubt because the completed model on the back of the manual showed a different location for that little detail.
Don't see that very often from Bandai XD

Simple panel lining for some of the gray parts - not really the inner frame components yet.

Quite a bit of details behind the top chest part that doesn't get revealed very easily.
Very true for many other highly detailed parts in this model kit. ^^;

The main inner frame parts for the body module.

Detailing using normal pen (gold and silver) and Gundam Marker Gold.
No specific plan for the painting here except for the pipes on the chest area. ^^ Some parts are chosen to be painted because I just feel like it.

Done for the inner frame parts for the body.

(Left) The pipe on the chest is painted using normal pens. Those "bars" obstructing the paint are not tall enough to limit the tip of the pen, or the panel liner to go in, so the work is pretty easy.
(Right) The four tabs below the upper chest component are painted using Gundam Marker Gold.

Parts for the head.

Painted the molded text on the forehead part using panel liner, then wiped off the paint. The tiny bit of leftover paint from the work earlier on will sort of reveal the text.

Other panel lining work on the various parts are pretty standard (for me). ^^

Painted the space beneath the top helmet part black using normal marker to give that area more depth.

Done for all the head parts. ^^

I suppose it's the realization that this is the last on the list that I set out in late May that propelled me to storm through the work on both the body and head in a single posting. The entire work seemed endless at the beginning, since I never tried working on four Master Grade kits in a single run before, and I would probably never do so again in the future because of the pressure. XD Kits from different series like one MG, one or two HGs and one BB Senshi kit at the same time, maybe, as the different part count, scales and details would make the all the work more interesting. ^^

But anyway, MG Force Impulse Gundam is done! ^^

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