Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revoltech Arbalest Part 1

So many weapons, you need a manual to use them

Another review series on a Revoltech action figure in my collection is this one: Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 081 Arbalest from "Full Metal Panic!"

I started watching the anime quite some time ago, but still haven't finish it at this stage. ^^; However, when I first got this fella, I actually know nothing of the mecha, or the anime it originated from. I bought it for its extensive list of weapons, very unique joint design - even for a Revoltech figure, and the design of the mecha itself. I always think the design of the Arm Slaves from "Full Metal Panic!" is very realistic-looking. Units like Arbalest, Gernsback and Falke seems very modest in terms of their appearances, but the simplicity in design is what made them special to me.

Still on the aspect of realism, the weapon design for Arbalest and the other Arm Slaves are based on actual weapons we see in real life as well. It doesn't sound right to say that I like the weapons because of how similar they look in the anime when compared to the actual weapon models in real world. ^^; But I always thought it's cool to see a robot wielding a shotgun, or an realistic-looking military knife going around destroying its enemy. ^^ Ingram 1 from "Patlabor" had the opportunity to wrack havoc with a pretty cool-looking riot gun, but it was totally wasted XD Arbalest should be able to strike some nice looking poses with its own shotgun. ^^

The two other attractions of this figure: extensive list of weapons and unique joint design will definitely be covered in subsequent postings.

Before the release of Revoltech Arbalest, Tamashii Nation put out its version of Arbalest, under the "Robot Damashii [Side AS]" series. While I do like the bigger size of the Robot Damashii version, its price (3,675 Yen inclusive of tax). is much higher than this Revoltech version (2,400 Yen inclusive of tax), with less weapons as well. Since I was aiming for the version with the highest playability, the Revoltech series that is renowned for its crazy posability will always get the top priority in terms of purchase consideration. ^^ Same case with Arbalest.

Box cover without the paper jacket band.

The figure itself, which occupy the center most portion of the box, can be seen clearly through the front window.

Typical Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Preview of some crazy poses. ^^

Tons of weapons and accessories. ^^

The full list of weapons and accessories for this Revoltech figure from Revoltech's official catalog site (sorted according to the numbering shown in the image from the back of the box):
(1) face mounted with knife x1,
(2) M1108 Dagger Antitank Knife x1,
(3) "Boxer" 57mm shotgun x1,
(4) "Boxer" shotgun (storage mode) x1,
(5) GRAW-2 Monomolecular Cutter x1,
(6) cutter carrying case x1,
(7) waist holder part x1,
(8) shotgun shell holder x1,
(9) shotgun shell (storage mode) x1,
(10) shotgun shell x5,
(11) M1067 Hand Grenade x1,
(12) armor piercing type ammunition magazine x3,
(13) XM18 Wire Gun equipment for the forearm x1,
(14) deployed fins when Lambda Drive is activated x2,
(15) option hand unit x8,
(16) effect display base x1,
(17) wire for the Wire Gun,
(18) display stand with extension part and Revoltech joints,
Extra: Revol Container x1 and
Extra: Revol Chip worth 10 marks x1.

A very long list indeed. It's the action figure with the most number of weapons and accessories in my collection I believe. Also, with such a generous list like that, it's not easy for other figure release to surpass it. ^^ Interestingly as well, a few of the items are extremely tiny, like the shotgun shells, grenade and knife. These items will allow us to see Kaiyodo's attention to details on small parts.

Paper jacket band shows listing of and promotion for other Revoltech releases.

Box opens.

Box content. Everything fit on one plastic tray.

Items on the back of the tray: promo leaflet, a very rare instruction manual for the weapons and equipments and the display stand.

The promo booklet is identical to that included for Revoltech Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura and Revoltech Queen's Blade Alleyne.

A one-page manual showing how to mount the weapons on the figure, attach the Lambda Drive parts and use the Wire Gun on the forearm.

With the clear plastic cover taken off.

A look at the figure itself and the placement of all its accessories on the tray.


A few plastic wrappers between the Lambda Drive section and the back that need to be removed first.

A straight out of box display of Arbalest.

Pretty delicate and accurate paint job done for the face in my opinion.

Closeups on the different parts of the figure.

A preview of what the figure can do when it's on the ground. ^^

Typical Revoltech display stand and effect display base.

A slot at the bottom of the hip allows the figure to be connected to the display stand.

A preview of what the figure can do when it's off the ground. ^^

The posability is spot on even before any weapon is assigned to the figure. ^^ On top of that, the paint job applied on the entire figure is very neat, even though the overall size is small. The separation of white, blue and light blue on all the parts is very clear, all the interior of the vents and openings are accurately painted in yellow, and the panel lines are clear and consistent. Everything seems pretty good even before looking at the weapons and joint design. ^^


Unknown said...

Do you also own the revoltech arx-8 laevatein?

Chris said...

Yeah! Revoltech all the way! (for comparison between similar RD counterpart that is)
The only ever flaw I have with it are the loose side skirts but that's about it. This thing is great!

reeoyuy said...

I prefer RD actually. It's not just bigger, but a whole lot better looking. The articulation is great too. Despite Revoltech version has a lot more accessories but it missed crucial one : open shoulder for Lambda Driver mode, why they left it out I don’t know. RD version has them.

ayak said...

i beg to differ on reoguy's arbalest RD version. Revoltechs articulation is way better. but the RD version does look better.