Thursday, July 7, 2011

1/100 Dynames Part 8

Bring on the bat wings!

A whole bunch of images of the just completed 1/100 Gundam Dynames in this posting. ^^

That's the standard, or 'light-weight' mode of Gundam Dynames as I would call it. ^^ The armor-on version requires a bit of configuration for the different armor plates.

The left shoulder armor is detached first, and along with the right shoulder's equivalence would go on to the back.

Simple clip-on to the joint to attach the armors.
While the location of the joints is fixed, you can see an extra spot next to it. It's there even though it's practically useless. ^^;

Done for the rear armors.

Mount the large plate armors onto the side joints (via single peg joints), and all done. ^^

Heavyweight (or should it be just "top heavyweight" XD) Gundam Dynames completed. ^^

Instead of armor plates, the new components look more like wings instead. ^^

Just realized that I didn't put on the GN Pistols for the armored Gundam Dynames shown above, ^^; so just very quick one:

Simply snap the holsters onto the mount racks on the sides of the legs and done.
I think the paint work did for that area sort of helped tighten the connection as the joint becomes thicker thanks to the paint. ^^

Full-armored-full-arms Gundam Dynames. ^^

Out of the four, Gundam Dynames is perhaps the least favorite one for me. ^^; Actually, except Gundam Exia, I'm not too fond of all the Gundam designs of Celestial Beings in the first season of the anime. Gundam Dynames for me, lacks that special feel I get every time I see Gundam Exia. Its sniper rifle is not exactly unique; there are other mecha with similar large shoulder armor design; and the flat chest piece makes it seem like the Gundam is trying to conceal that sense of authority, or fierceness that I always like on a mecha. Because of all that, as I said, I'm not really feeling the design of Gundam Dynames.

The model kit however, gives the Gundam tons of new details not seen in its original design, which I like very much. The patterns on its large shoulder shields are very practical-looking. Even though they are just made up of a few large parts connected on the rear side, the details give the component a sense of thickness and strength, something I like very much. ^^ The rigid appearance of all the parts give this Gundam a very solid look as well.

It's not an outstanding kit, but the details are very good nonetheless. ^^

All the shield components just hang on both shoulders, and the latter are connected to the main joints of the upper arms directly. It's a heavy-duty part, having to carry so much weight of the shoulder armors while allowing the upper arms to rotate at the same time. ^^; At this point, I don't see any sign of exhaustion on the joint (yet), but repetitive play would definitely help the model to reach that state faster (no thanks ^^;). In a way, I think the design of the shoulder armors' joints is a little flawed, having the armors connected directly with the upper arm's joints. I was hoping the design of 1/100 Gundam Exia's shoulder armors and joint were used on Gundam Dynames in the first place, so that all the weight of the shields and articulation for the upper arms can be separated.

Combined joint for Gundam Dynames (left) vs separated joint for Gundam Exia (right).
Images are from Hobby Search: Gundam Dynames, Gundam Exia.

Like I said, no such problem at this point, so it's not too much of a concern to me. ^^

Action poses of this kit in the next posting. (A bit of irony here after mentioning the heavy-duty joints and the stress they have to sustain from the upper arms' movement ^^;)

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