Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gashapon Sunrise Imagination Figure Vol 3 Part 2

Eternal rivalry

As mentioned in the previous posting, the review on Sunrise Imagination Figure Vol 3 gashapon set continues with another two Gundam-type figures.

Big names! ^^

[Char Aznable] - From "MS Gundam: Char's Counterattack"

All the parts that need a bit of assembly.

Very nice detailing for Char, but the scar on the forehead is a little bit too obvious it seems. ^^;

No special redesigned details whatsoever for Sazabi, but the detailing is very beautiful. All the different colors are painted just nice.
I didn't do anything to the crooked tail on the helmet, since the figure is going to be squeezed into a box dedicated for gashapon and trading figures after this review. ^^

A bit of gradient paint can be spotted near Sazabi's waist, done so to match Char's cape it's sitting upon I believe.

For easier paint work during production I assume, the Funnel Bits are removable, but no special gimmick can be associated to them. ^^;

Partial bust display for Sazabi, where the left shoulder armor is omitted to match the design of the next figure. ^^

[Amuro Ray] - From "MS Gundam: Char's Counterattack"

All the parts that need a bit of assembly.

Since Amuro doesn't wear a cape like Char, Nu Gundam's bust have to sit on an asteroid-like structure instead XD

Not only is the right shoulder armor not included, the backpack and Fin Funnels are incomplete as well.

Very nice head sculpt and detailing for Nu Gundam's head.

Apart from the great paint work on the asteroid base, the interior of the shoulder armor's vents and chest targeting sensor, as well as Amuro's insignia are all very nicely done.

Purple gradient on Nu Gundam's waist to match the asteroid base

Cut off portion of the Fin Funnels

Lining up the two figures:

A great match in terms of display. ^^

Amuro with HGUC Nu Gundam

A great complimentary item to be displayed alongside the model kit, just like Kamille and MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 shown in the previous posting. Haven't assemble HGUC Sazabi yet, but Char Aznable would definitely make a great item to be displayed with that kit. ^^

The last two non-Gundam type figures from this gashapon set in the next posting.

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Chris said...

I can't see Sazabi's monoeye! o.O
If they look nice as a complimentary items next to their respective kits, why do you want to put them into a box? ^^;