Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HG 1/144 Exia Part 3

No whisker on my Gundam Exia

Continuing the work on HG 1/144 Gundam Exia with a lot of white parts this time, since it's the turn for the legs and arms' parts to be panel lined and painted, after the previous posting that focused on the kit's weapon and body unit.

Some areas at the edge of the leg parts are going to be painted gray.

Not shown in the manual, but the split between the knee armor is painted gray to relate that area as part of the leg's mecha component and that the white part is the armor. Just for a bit of extra details there. ^^
Did this for the 1/100 scale version as well, so it's not a huge change for me.

Painted gray for the four tiny valleys between the front and rear segments of the armors to match the foil stickers that would be used later on when the kit is assembled.

Painted the space behind the ankle armor black using normal marker to give it more depth.

Panel lining for the other parts from both legs.

More gray detailing: beam saber mount rack behind the shoulder armor, and edges of the top corner that are supposedly part of the GN Stripe's connector.

Simple panel lining for the other arm parts

Painted a tiny bit on the side the hand's armor to separate it as part of the gray portion from the armor.

Panel lining on the back of the hand.

Repeat all the work for parts from the other arm.

Chipped off the toothbrush bit from the edge of the V Fin to make it extra sharp. ^^

Panel lining for the other delicate head parts.
Could have just painted the entire front sensor black using normal marker, but I opted for foil sticker instead. Kind of a stubborn insistence there ^^;

Painted the area around the mask gray.
There are two whisker-like line details at the corner of the white portion that I completely ignored. Those aren't part of Gundam Exia's fierce appearance in my imagination. ^^;

And all done for HG 1/144 Gundam Exia. ^^ Will leave the whole kit for a while before the final assembly. That's really funny to me when I think about it. It seems that as soon as I took the kit out from storage to work on it, it's heading back to the same place again. XD

Then again, the next time it comes out of hibernation, a completed Gundam Exia will emerge. ^^

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