Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HG 1/144 Exia Part 2

Cutting Painting corners

Working on parts from HG 1/144 Gundam Exia after the introduction yesterday. ^^

First targeted part is the shield.

The valleys between the white middle section and the blue "bars" on the sides should be painted gray.

The edges of the protruding white middle part and the area on the rear should be painted to show that the whole section is of the same component.

Taking advantage of the large foil sticker piece included for the shield, I'm only going to paint the areas that aren't covered by it in this work.

The valleys are painted gray using Gundam Marker.
The spilled-over paint on the blue bars are cleaned off, but the bits on the middle section is left untreated since they are going to be covered up by the sticker later on.

Painted the protruding edges white using Gundam Marker as well.

Panel lining for the GN Long and Short Blades.

Painted the mid section gray using Gundam Marker.

Painted the plain white beam saber pink using Gundam Marker GM14 Fluorescent Pink, a color I haven't used in a very long time. ^^

Panel lining for the handle.
Definitely easier than the 1/100 scale version. ^^;

Panel lining for the other beam saber handles.

Panel lining for the other weapon parts.

Although yellow parts are included for the chest vents, the area around them on the blue parts should be painted yellow as well.

(Left) Painted the area yellow using Gundam Marker
(Right) Scratched away the excessive paint using a knife before panel lining the edges inside the vent area.

Painted the "grippers" around the GN Drive cone gray using Gundam Marker.
Haven't decided yet if I want to put in some metallic green to show the GN Drive activated, or just leave it as it is to save the work.

Just panel lining for the other body parts.

Painted the tab behind the waist red using Gundam Marker.
This time the paint worked great, as opposed to similar experience on the First Grade version long time ago. ^^;

Panel lining for the other waist parts.

Pretty simple for the kit I would say, the entire work is just paint some parts here, panel line the rest, and repeat all that for some other ones. I should be able to get everything done by the next posting. ^^


Chris said...

I'm surprised you didn't decide to paint the shield but use stickers instead. Sure, using a Gundam marker for such a large area is asking too much, but nothing a bottle of white paint can't handle.
Since there are uneven surfaces on the shield, I'm interested to see how you will deal with that using the sticker (cut holes on the sticker and paint the black/ gray parts, or simply use toothpicks, etc...)

MTMA said...

I tried painting the same tab behindthe waist with a gundam markers but even after a day left to dry the paint keeps smudging... any tips?