Thursday, July 7, 2011

1/100 Dynames Part 9

Going green

Literally XD

My blog has been very green as of lately with all the postings on 1/100 Gundam Dynames. ^^ This one is the start of some "green action" XD

It's impossible for the left hand to reach the sniper rifle when it's mounted on the right shoulder armor. ^^; Luckily, since the mount rack's joint is movable, you can flip the rifle inward for it to reach the hand instead XD

No problem posing the hand reaching for the beam saber though, and together with the special left spread palm included, the pose can be pretty awesome. ^^

Reaching for the beam pistols is very easy as well. ^^

With Action Base 1 Celestial Beings Ver.

My pick for the best action pose of this kit so far. ^^

Just noticed from some of the photos that I didn't return the beam saber handles to their mount racks on the rear boosters after taking some pictures of model kit posing with that weapon earlier on ^^;

More action poses of 1/100 Gundam Dynames in the next posting.

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