Monday, July 4, 2011

MG Shin Musha Gundam Part 11

Reuse the reused parts

Finishing up with the work on MG Shin Musha Gundam in this posting - the first of the four Master Grade kits to be off the work list. ^^

From the reused runner that can be traced all the way back to MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 1.5 as mentioned in Part 1, the parts for Gundam Hammer are complete except the chain.
All the parts are too valuable to be discarded even though Shin Musha Gundam doesn't use this weapon. ^^;

The chain can be substituted with another one, but I'll leave that till the final assembly. ^^
Some paint work for all the parts first.

Only a portion of the tail (hammer head) and base (handle) - the chain connector parts need to be painted. Such delicate sections prevent a fast and furious paint work using hand brush XD
Prior panel lining helps to identify the border between the original gray areas and the spots to be painted.

Painted all in bright bling-bling. ^^
Also, a lot of paper clips I have XD

Result of the paint work after leaving the parts to dry for a few hours.

A new bottle paint is used this time: Gaia Color 009 Bright Sliver (Metallic).

Working on parts for the head next.

As usual, painted the areas around the eyes black and the forehead sensor yellow using normal markers to prevent the clear part from being seen after the foil sticker pieces come on later during the final assembly.

Panel lining for the kabuto parts.

Foil stickers are included for the curved pieces near the cheek, but I choose to paint it using Gundam Marker to get the elevation effect.

The edges of the parts are of course painted.

Reapply panel lines after the paint has dried.

Painted the Vulcan gray using Gundam Marker.
Foil stickers would be used for the emblems on the forehead when the model is assembled, for the convenience. I don't want to risk a messy paint work for the head as well. ^^;

Panel lined all the details of the helmet parts.
The vents on the lower cheek is a clear indication of the Ver. Ka identify of this Gundam. ^^

Painted (or rather just filled) the interior of the helmet black using whiteboard marker ink to give it more depth when it's completed later on.

The main parts for the head. ^^

As usual, the head is the "ceremonial" last component signing off a particular kit, ^^ but more importantly, all the work for MG Shin Musha Gundam is now done. ^^

Moving on something else next. ^^

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Gundam Gunso said...

Although the Shin Nusha Gundam does not use the hammer, I still prefer the weapon as it is quite unique XD