Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set Part 2

Kagami x Ryu

A look at Kagami from Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set after Konata yesterday. ^^

Just like Konata, there are a few pieces of plastic wrappers to be detached from the figure first before display.

But unlike Konata, Kagami will need the display stand included to support her. ^^;

Kagami x Ryu ^^

Articulation wise, Kagami has less movable points as compared to Konata, unless you count her movable pigtails as part of the list. XD Apart from having no extra swappable part, only the neck, both shoulders and the right leg are movable - not that the low articulation design would be of any bother since the entire set is meant for display more than any real playability. ^^

Oddly enough, both the Hiiragi sisters have lesser articulation gimmick as compared to Konata and Miyuki, ^^; but you will that in next posting anyway.

Hadoken!! ^^

Movable pigtails.

100x additional damage!

Apart from being movable, the pigtails can be removed as well ^^
A great "homage" to one of the scenes in the Sport Day episode from the anime. ^^

A very refreshing look for Kagami without her signature pigtails. ^^

Not for Konata though XD

Just like how you can swap between the face expression parts of regular Nendoroid figures, you can swap the head units between the figures for instant change in cosplay XD

Kagami as Guile now ...

... and Kagami as Ryu. ^^

Seems very fitting to me. ^^ As mentioned in the previous posting, there's no obvious resemblance between the characters from the anime and the ones from the game they are cosplaying in this figure set, so there's no awkward feel of unfitting image for the characters really, which is a really good thing. ^^

On the hand, Kagami's design seems to be focusing on Ryu's Hadoken, while Shoryuken is given to her sister Tsukasa, which will be shown in the next posting. ^^

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