Thursday, July 14, 2011

MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 Part 7

Another round of simplistic panel lining

Last part of the work on MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 before the final assembly (some time in the future ^^;).

Tons of details to panel line behind the shield parts, but the design is definitely on par with current Master Grade standard (as compared to the first version released in 1998).

Tons of details even for the single mount rack (left) and connector parts (right) behind the shield.

These spare magazine cartridge parts may look simple, but the details are still proportionately more than the older version.

Simple panel lining work for the weapon parts.
The body area has more elaborate details, which are still pretty simple-looking as compared to some other Master Grade kits with really fancy weapon design. ^^

Edges around the eyes and main camera areas on the clear part are painted black using normal marker to hide any possible empty spot that the foil stickers might not be able to cover later on.

Simple panel lining for the helmet parts.

One of the two paint work done in this posting: ^^ A small "button" on the Vulcan pod is painted red using Gundam Marker.

Panel lining only for all the other parts.

So all done for MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0, which is definitely the easiest to work on among the four. ^^ The details are great, but not as delicate as MG Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0 and MG Force Impulse Gundam, so a lot of time used to paint some of the really small parts in those two kits, as well as the time used to wait on those painted areas to dry before moving on is not applicable for Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0.

With Shin Musha Gundam done, and now this one. Two more kits to go before completing the four.

And then I'll have four Master Grade kits waiting to be assembled. Hohoho~


Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to say u are doing an amazing job with the panel linings.just a quick question,how do u get so much panel lining done?it takes me ages cause I hv to clean up using erasers n stuff.any advice?thanks a bunch

Moe Moe said...

I wanna know too how do you do your panel lining? like so solid.

jason said...

+1 for more detail on how you do panel lining, ie what is your preferred line marker?