Monday, July 11, 2011

MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 Part 5

Thanks so much for your simplicity

Picking up on MG Gundam Mk. II Ver. 2.0 since the last posting in late June. ^^;

Very much a direct continuation to that last posting, I'm working on the cockpit parts and the various figures this time.

Painted the interior of the cockpit silver using a combination of Zebra marker (larger area) and Pilot marker (tight spots) to simulate the 360-degree panoramic monitor effect of that component.

(Left) With excessive paint on the edge of the parts scratched away.
(Right) Panel lined the details outside the parts.

Much like the previous work on MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0's cockpit, not much can be seen for the painted cockpit actually. ^^; But it's there nonetheless. ^^

Panel lined the linear seat and painted the little dot on the top of the seat red using normal marker. Not sure what that component is supposed to be for actually. ^^;

Parts to be painted that are carried over from the previous posting: the shoulder joints.

Painted the large pipes gold using Pilot Super Color Gold Extra Fine.

Added silver using normal pen.

Simple panel lining for the other body parts, including the neck and shoulder block parts.

Panel lines applied for the edges of the fixed chest vent pieces.

Just panel lining for the interior of the red cockpit hatch part.
Was thinking of painting the entire area gray actually, but that large pin is making the work complicated, so I abandoned the idea. ^^;

Moving on to panel lining and painting of the many figures. Another standing pilot figure is not shown here actually.

Panel lined all the parts first.

Referring to the manual to identify what color for which area to be painted on the figures.
Luckily, only two colors are required, and they are of very minor portion too. ^^

Painted gray for the base of the standing figures, knee and waist areas of the mechanic crew members and the helmet of the sitting pilot figure using Gundam Marker.

Added light blue for the visor of the helmet using normal pen.

Painted the same color for the visors of the other figures as well.

A bit of touch up on the standing figure.

Done for all the figures. ^^

A look at the pilot figure and his would-be "permanent residence" on the completed model XD

Four figures at 1/100 scale might seems like a lot of work at first glance, but the simplicity of their Normal Suits really make the work feels like nothing if compared to pilot figures from "Gundam SEED" or "Gundam SEED Destiny" series. ^^

Only the backpack, weapons, head and display base remain for this kit, but I'll go back to work on Master Grade Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0's leg parts after this. ^^

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