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Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set Part 1

Konata x Guile

Another really cutesy stuff on this blog after Revoltech Yotsuba ^^

This is Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set from Good Smile Company, which was released in August last year. Smaller than the regular Nendoroid figures, with no accessories and minimal articulation points, but with pretty much the same nice detailing and paint work.

As a set containing all four characters from "Lucky Star", the price is actually less than the regular release of those characters individually. ^^

I really like the concept of this crossover between "Lucky Star" and "Street Fighter", since a portion of the anime's story is about the interest in gaming, especially for Konata. ^^ There's even a specific segment in the earlier episodes of the anime that is directly related to "Street Fighter", where Konata "fights" against the character who is clearly designed after the one she's cosplaying in this figure set, Guile, in old-school Street Fighter style ^^

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

I'm not sure if that segment was the main inspiration for this figure set to be released, but it's very funny nonetheless. ^^ I remember pre-ordering it the moment it was listed on a local online hobby store. ^^

Apart from Konata as Guile, the other cosplayers in this set are Kagami as Ryu, Tsukasa as Ken and Miyuki as Crimson Viper. Out of the four, I think Miyuki is perhaps the cast from "Lucky Star" with the closest resemblance with the character she's playing from "Street Fighter". The pink hair and glasses are just spoton. ^^ Then again, there's still a huge gap between her and Crimson Viper of course. ^^; I believe the best crossover of "Lucky Star" with another anime was Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji Club Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Crossover prize item set released back in September 2009. Apart from my favorite Miyuki's cosplay as Sheryl, the other three girls have strong resemblances to the characters they play, where all of them are the main characters of the show as well. ^^

Anyway, it's not about that prize item set this time. ^^ A look at the entire set and Konata as Guile in this first posting. ^^

All the figures can be seen clearly through the front window of the box.

Konata is the only figure with extra parts included.

(Left) "Lucky Star" and "Street Fighter" labels.
(Right) Capcom (for "Street Fighter") and Kadokawa Production (for "Lucky Star") seals.

Japanese promo text on the sides of the box, just like the design of regular Nendoroid releases.

It's great that the top portion of the box is designed with HP bars like the design in fighting games. ^^

Design of the different box sides is very close to that on regular Nendoroid packages as well.

Preview of all the characters in this figure set on the back of the box.

Item list

"For Sale in Japan Only"
This place I'm living in all this while must be Japan then XD

Box open.

Box content. All the items are placed on the plastic tray.

Rear view of the content.

With the clear plastic cover taken off.

Much simpler design for the display base as compared to the regular Nendoroid releases.

Ball type joint that connects the stand to the base allows it to be adjusted easily, but you really don't need to use it to such flexible extent. ^^

Some plastic wrappers to detach from the figure before it can be displayed.

Konata as Guile ^^

Using the long hair to support her large head, there's no need to use the display base for Konata ^^

Very nice and clean paint work for Konata, with gradient paint for the hair that is really beautiful. ^^

The default height of the display stand is a bit too high for Konata, but that just unlocks her Flying Kick move I think XD

Another slot for the display stand is on the back of the figure.

Variation in action pose and the mood generated with a simple turn of the figure's head.

The right knee has a primitive hinge joint that allows it to bend downward.

Instead of kicking, Konata can now be displayed in a somewhat crouching pose instead. ^^

As mentioned before, Konata is the only character among the four with extra parts given, which are a set of punching arms.

Combination of poses using her default arms.

Very funny-looking little figure I would say. XD Nendoroid figures are already very adorable in their original scale, but making them into even smaller scale version seems to give the figures a few level-ups in terms of cuteness. Very nice. ^^

Kagami as Ryu in the next posting. ^^

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Aww, I like these figures, very cute! Where did you get them?

Also, do you like Black Rock Shooter? if you do, please let me know! Cause I may do a blog review of my Figma Black Rock Shooter XD