Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MG Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0 Part 15

Just as much work as assembling the inner frame itself II

Armoring up the body and head to complete the assembly of MG Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II Ver. 2.0 in this posting. ^^

Just a few armor parts for the body without the conductive pipes.

Like the legs done in the previous posting, plenty of inner frame details have been concealed by the added armor parts. ^^;

(Left) Both of the pilot cockpit doors can be opened.
(Right) The trigger on the back to adjust the cockpit's position in the chest can still be accessed.

Switching the cockpit's position.
Even lesser exposure for Johnny Ridden now with the armors equipped onto the body. ^^;

(Left) Parts for the waist conductive pipes.
(Right) Following the manual, one ring from the runner needs to be omitted for each of the pipes.

Assembling the ring onto the pipe.
It's important to recognize that there are two different types of ring design and where they fit on the pipe.

Both pipes are now done.

While the manual suggests fitting the pipes after the body and backpack are combined, I find it to be much easier if the pipes are fitted onto the backpack first, then connectied to the front of the abdomen (right image). ^^

Just a single part on the abdomen that holds the connection of the pipes. ^^

As noted in Part 13, the backpack is extremely huge. ^^

At about 3cm, the backpack itself seems to be of the same dimension as the body of the model. ^^

With the arms done in the previous posting, the upper body is now completed.

Only the head remains now. ^^

With the space further reduced by backpack, it's no longer possible for the mount rack to hold the bazooka. ^^;

Last component: the head. ^^

Assembling the conductive pipes of the head. Just like the ones for the waist, the (even smaller) rings come in two different shapes as well, so it's important to recognize the difference before assembling them onto the pipes. ^^

(Left) Done for the conductive pipes.
(Right) Assembled the pipes onto the head.

There are two types of blade antenna given. I chose the MSV type since this Zaku II variation is an MSV unit itself. This antenna has an extra painted base and is designed with more details as well.

Not surprisingly since majority of the helmet parts are from the original MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0, the bland (or should I say, bald? XD) top part that is meant for grunt type variations is also included. ^^
However, the more surprising thing for me is, the same unit from the previously reviewed capsule toy set M.S.G. also comes with this "bonus goodies". ^^

Done for the head, and all is done for the entire kit. ^^

Like most other MG Zeon units in my collection, the mono-eye camera isn't shiny enough to be able to "gaze" through the clear visor part. With extra lighting added, the fierceness generated by the eye is very obvious though (at least to me ^^).

The "straight" completed version - without any weapon or pose adjusted. ^^

With the painted standing figure of Johnny Ridden did in Part 7, who can definitely stand with ease on the display base thrown in for it in Part 10.
The base is of similar color as the hand as well, so it's not very obvious in the image. That's another plus point to the display base there. ^^

Done with the entire model, here's a whole bunch of images showing it with its signature 360mm Giant Baz. ^^

Huge, red, fierce-looking mono-eye unit this is. ^^ That's about the only thing I want to say when looking at this completed kit. The large leg armor and backpack are screaming out loud their power and authority, even though in terms of articulation design, the earlier is hindering the knee joint from its full potential, and the backpack doesn't do anything at all. ^^; Not just that, the bazooka's mount rack function had to be omitted to incorporate its large size as well. With the backpack secured to the body via the conductive pipes, accessing the trigger to change the pilot cockpit's position in the chest becomes harder too (not that I really bother about that gimmick anyway ^^;);

So many negative points to count and list, and all that is good about this model seems to be just its look and feel, which is highly subjective. For me, this is one of the many model kits I like just because it looks so good and awesome, everything else about it, especially the downsides doesn't matter at all. ^^

So, yup, it's an absolutely good kit in my opinion, and one that is totally fitting to be done in this month too. XD

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