Monday, September 17, 2012

Gashapon MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 3 Part 3

Lacus Clyne

Forgetting the series of unfortunate events that happened to my HGUC Gundam RX-78-2 for a while by introducing another figurine from MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 3 gashapon set after Lunamaria Hawke shown earlier this month: Lacus Clyne.

Much like Lunamaria Hawke, this particular version of Lacus is designed to be in a very special pose unlike most other standing figurines. It's special enough to get her and Cagalli to be featured on the box art of this gashapon set. ^^ Even more surprisingly, while her lying position is indeed special, this is not the only figurine of Lacus with this pose in my collection. ^^ The "other" Lacus - Meer Campbell from HGIF Gundam Character 3 Vol. Gundam SEED Destiny is designed to be in a lying position as well. Given the difference between the two gashapon series, it would be very interesting to compare the two figurines. ^^

A little bit of assembly required, as the figurine is being separated into a few parts.

Pushing Lacus's legs into her dress was quite interesting part of the assembly. ^^

More images of Lacus: ^^

Closeups on the details: ^^

Leaning the figurine against a flat slope creates a somewhat different view: ^^

Rear view of the figurine.

The leaning position gives the figurine a nicer looking pose in my opinion. The awesome sculpting of her hair and dress and overall paint work can be seen much easily in that pose. It's certainly a lot easier to photograph the figurine that way. ^^

Talk about one of the five to be featured on the box art, the design of Lacus is really beautiful. ^^ The free flowing hair, the laces and ribbons on her dress and the dress itself are very nice-looking. ^^ As usual, the overall paint work is very impressive for a small-sized figurine such as her. And on that note, I really like the white and light purple color combination of her dress. Together with Lacus's pink hair, the entire figurine has a very cohesive and lovely color scheme overall. ^^

While the lying position is unique, I'm not very sure about her expression design. ^^; The joyous smile doesn't seem to fit that pose at all in my opinion. In that aspect, I kind of like the blank stare on Meer from HGIF Gundam Character 3 Vol. Gundam SEED Destiny, which seemed a lot more relevant to her lying position. With Lacus, I'm just not sure what to make of her pose. Is she being extremely happy after Haro woke her up? Or is she trying to greet someone but not quite willing to get up first? XD Anyhow, I still like this figurine a lot for its details and design. ^^

With Lunamaria from this gashapon set.

With Meer from HGIF Gundam Character 3 Vol. Gundam SEED Destiny.

An assembly of all "Lacuses" with the MS Gundam Seed Destiny Heroines 7 version joining in. ^^

Coming up next for this review series (but not too soon ^^;) would be the only figurine with an option part included. ^^

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