Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Transformers United Rodimus Prime Part 2

Super easy transformation in disguise

A look at Transformers United Rodimus Prime in vehicle mode after the introduction yesterday. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

One of the best features of Rodimus in vehicle mode is having a visible cockpit.

The entire cockpit will end up becoming Rodimus's backpack in robot mode (to be shown later), and none of the parts inside it is involved in the transformation sequence. That's a benefit to the super car's appearance as the seats and dashboard can be recognized easily, and they look believable. ^^ The only catch here is the clear blue canopy is sealed shut with the cockpit. ^^; Some other car-type Transformers figures have doors that can be opened in their vehicle mode, but components of their robot mode end up squeezing inside the car, making it seems like the doors open to details that aren't supposed to be revealed. ^^;

Overall, I really like the vehicle mode of Rodimus. ^^ It's very sleek, just like its appearance in the cartoon series. ^^ Between the two, the vehicle mode has much stronger resemblance to Rodimus from the cartoon series in my opinion. Interestingly, the car's sleekness ends up giving Rodimus a bulky appearance (as mentioned in the previous posting) after the transformation. ^^;

While the canopy can't be opened, Rodimus's vehicle mode does have one weapon gimmick:

A very simple gimmick with the blaster for Rodimus in vehicle mode: the spoiler can be flipped to the front, turning the thruster into a car top cannon instantly. ^^

Two tabs beneath the spoilers that lock on to the side of the car's body must be released first before the spoilers can be flipped forward.

From super car to super tank? XD

The "reverse" spoilers look, which is the "official" gimmick design according to the instruction sheet seems rather awkward to me. ^^; That can be fixed easily by flipping them to the back, which is actually part of the transformation. ^^

With the blaster effect part removed.

Size comparison with Transformers Prime's Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee in vehicle mode:

The transformation from vehicle to robot mode:

The thruster is removed first.
Technically, retaining it beneath the car doesn't obstruct any of the transformation steps, but since it'll end up as Rodimus's blaster in robot mode, it has to be removed anyway. ^^

Like adjusting the weapon gimmick in vehicle mode as shown earlier on, the entire spoiler unit is flipped to the front.

At the back of the car, two black blocks on the side are rotated for near 270 degrees to form the feet.

Next, the rear wheels are pushed outward.

The panels beneath the rear doors are flipped to the back to form the shin guards.

An almost no-brainer step which isn't shown in the manual: ^^; the rear wheel is pushed back into what's now the side of the leg to close out the gap between them.

The legs are bent inward slightly to unhinge the tab between the front and rear side panels.

With the side panels released from the front of the car, the legs can be tilted downward at hip level.

A somewhat optional step: tilt the side panels up for a slight degree to make their appearance as side skirt armors clearer to see.

The entire lower body is pulled to the front (of the robot mode's body) at waist level.

The upper body's transformation starts with the side panels' expansion from the main body of the car.

(Left) At the rear end of the side panel, the hand is flipped outward.
(Right) Tilt what are now Rodimus's arms to the front of the robot mode's body, preferably all the way till the front of the car (upward for another 90 degrees as compared to what's shown in the picture). This is not a compulsory step, but it will help a lot in the next step. ^^

180-degree bend for the car's hood forms the chest and reveals Rodimus's head. ^^

A slight bend is given to the elbow joint to make the arm's appearance more obvious.

The upper body's transformation is complete. ^^

A bit of adjustment is needed for the backpack to give Rodimus a pair of more dramatic-looking spoiler wings. ^^

The entire backpack is rotated for 180 degrees.

The spoiler unit is lifted ...

... so that the two individual pieces can then be bent upward.

The spoiler unit is flipped downward again, and the entire transformation is complete. ^^

Rodimus in robot mode without the blaster attached for now. ^^

More images of this Transformers figure coming up next. ^^

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