Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finally Here! Hot Toys' Samurai Predator

Boxes within a box inside another box within yet another box

Finally, after 10 months of waiting, it's here right in front of me: Hot Toys' Samurai Predator. ^^

A huge box it is, and it's very heavy too. ^^ In terms of box size, it's probably smaller than that of Perfect Grade Gundam GP01/Fb, but it's definitely the biggest one I encountered in quite a while. ^^

(Left) The size and dimension of the box as printed on it.
(Right) Hot Toys' seal.

The box opens up to another box. ^^

A cleaner and thinner box this is.
I've seen the same box design when I received my Classic Predator.

The box opens up to the actual product. ^^

The AVP seal printed in gold can be seen very clearer on the top cover.

Another box. ^^

With the plastic container removed.

Front cover.

A clearer look at the AVP seal on the top cover.

Cameo appearance of HGUC Geara Zulu to show you the dimension of the whole box. ^^

The actual content of Samurai Predator and the Alien corpse display base are separated into two "standard"-size Hot Toys boxes for 1/6 figures.

A full clear front window showing off the glorious content of Samurai Predator.

The back of the box.

Another box containing the large display base.

The back of the second box.

Just magnificent. ^^ I'd seen reviews on this figure when it was released back in late August, so I've some idea of its massive package size before receiving the parcel. Still, there's a huge difference between seeing it in pictures and actually holding it in my hands. The feeling for the latter is just incredible. ^^ It reminded me of getting my first Hot Toys figure - Jill Valentine BSAA Ver.. The size of the box and the beauty of the figure through the clear window was enough to portray how outstanding it would be against all the other items in my collection. This - Samurai Predator, is a few levels above that standard in my opinion.


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kerberosWXIV said...

I just got mine in last Friday, and gosh, this one is just awesome. Usually don't splurge on HotToys stuff, too expensive for my budget, but when I saw the pre-order is available for this one, I just click on it helplessly like ancient sailors bewitched by the songs of mermaids on treacherous shores...