Sunday, March 11, 2012

1/100 Zaku Warrior Blaze Wizard & Gunner Wizard Part 11

Cannon and missile parties

It's time for the grunt to shine. XD

All action poses of the just completed 1/100 scale Zaku Warrior with Blaze Wizard and Gunner Wizard packs in this posting, with no categorization of or discrimination between the two weapon packs, so it's a total free-for-all for large shield, missile swarms and huge cannon. XD

One of the larger connector clips of Action Base 1 can fit onto the model's hip nicely to allow it to use the display base.

Having it on a display base is more appropriate for the Blaze Wizard form. ^^

Mimicking the HG 1/144 scale version's box art action. ^^

As shown in Part 7, kneeling is piece-of-cake for Zaku Warrior, which is perfect for posing with the large beam cannon. ^^

Storing the beam ax in its shoulder shield is out of the question, ^^; but at least the shield's joint is flexible enough to support the model trying to do that.

The beam ax is my favorite weapon for this kit. It's just so cool-looking to me for some reason. ^^

The last part of this review series will be up next. ^^

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