Thursday, March 15, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kibutei Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent, Sohi Gundam Set Part 3

Troublesome jewels and swords

Continuing with the work on the bundled set of BB Senshi Sangokuden Kibutei Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent and Sohi Gundam after the previous posting. ^^

Starting with Joko Serpent's large battle axes first:

The curvy emblems on the cheek have to be painted.

The color of the emblems on the completed model shown on the box side is blue - dark blue of the same shade as the model's main body it seems.
Gundam Marker Blue should be fine to realize this color, but it's not that attractive in my opinion.

The emblems are painted with the much shinier Gundam Marker Metallic Blue from BB Senshi Sangokuden set instead. ^^

The axes' bits are painted silver using Zebra marker.

The completed battle axes with edges of the emblems and bits repanel lined.

Just to give the weapon a little bit more appealing points (literally XD) and for the fun of it, the tiny dots near the back are painted gold using normal pen. ^^
Now I'm satisfied with the axes. XD

Specific areas on Sohi Gundam's sword 黑翼刀 will have to be painted in red and gold.

The sunken areas are painted using Gundam Marker Metallic Red, while the small golden wings are painted using Gundam Marker Gold.

Excessive red paint around the sunken areas are removed using the same way as Sohi Gundam's shoulder armor parts shown in the previous posting.
Panel lines are added to the entire part.

The little jewel on the hilt is painted using Gundam Marker Metallic Green. The color is really dark as the marker has not been used for quite a while and wasn't shook long enough before the paint work. ^^;
Can you spot the little fella? ^^;

The two one-piece swords Itenken (威天剣 - gold), Seihouken (星凰剣 - blue) and the sets of jewels for their hilts are going to be some of the most complicated parts to paint in this whole bundled kit I think. ^^;

As seen on the completed model shown on the box side: Itenken's hilt has to be painted red; there's a red ring around Seihouken's middle jewel; and the colors to be painted should give both sides of the hilt the same appearance I suppose.

The hilt on Itenken is painted using Gundam Marker Metallic Red.

Swiped a layer of red paint around the wall of the hole on Seihouken's hilt using Gundam Marker Red to give it the red ring mentioned earlier on.
The more "regular" Gundam Marker Red is called into action because for some reason Metallic Red just isn't "tough" enough to cover up the blue base color. ^^;

Gundam Marker Metallic Red isn't working for the clear green jewel parts as well, ^^; so all the red painted areas are done using Gundam Marker Red instead.
Toothpick is used to paint around the jewels. The red ring on Seihouken's jewel is particularly hard to paint, ^^; but there's still work to be done on that part. ^^;

The larger hilt area is painted blue using Gundam Marker Blue, which is a really troublesome work, as even using toothpick is not accurate enough to avoid the red ring painted just now. ^^;
The red ring is repainted again once the blue paint has dried, but extreme caution has to be taken to avoid painting over its edge and spill the paint onto the blue area. ^^;
Everything is just super tight!

Black paint with thinner method for all the line details and that's it! XD

Four parts for two swords that are enough to drive me crazy the whole day. ^^;
The handles are not painted at all to avoid the paint getting rubbed off by the model's hands later on.

Gold and silver are the colors for Joko Serpent's leg armors.

Foil stickers are included for the silver knees and golden stripes around the armors. Since the areas involved are flat, stickers should work fine on the parts, but their edges must be painted to give the parts not covered by the stickers the color they are supposed to be in.

Painted the edges of the stripes and tabs around the knee using Gundam Marker Gold. The long flat stripes will be realized through foil stickers later on. ^^
Reminds me of the recent work on 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia's many yellow vents.

With panel lines added.

Sousou Gundam's shoulder armor parts need quite a bit of paint work too. ^^;

Stickers are given for the plate armor pieces, but to avoid bits of stickers poking out on the edges of the parts, the parts are painted using Gundam Marker Metallic Red instead.

Test fitting the parts to have a preview of how the completed component would look like.

With panel lines added.

I've completely forgotten the silver areas on the armor pieces! ^^;

(Left) Repainted all the parts with Mr. Hobby's Mr. Metallic Color Silver, eliminating most of the previously drawn panel lines. ^^;
(Right) Panel lines reapplied after the paint has dried.

The swords, the jewels, Sousou Gundam's shoulder armors ...

Will be jumping to something a lot easier next for a temporary change. ^^;

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