Friday, March 9, 2012

1/100 Zaku Warrior Blaze Wizard & Gunner Wizard Part 8

Blaze Wizard and Gunner Wizard

The assembly of 1/100 scale Zaku Warrior with Blaze Wizard and Gunner Wizard packs continues with the two weapon sets this time. ^^

Parts of Blaze Wizard pack.

The thruster-missile boosters.

Done for the boosters.

Parts of the backpack and tail unit.

Done for the two components.

Separable components of Blaze Wizard pack before the final assembly.

Blaze Wizard pack is completed.

The boosters and tail can be moved.

The missile pod can be bent downward and its cover can be opened for a wide degree to reveal all the missiles.

Nice outcome for the painted base of the missiles I think. ^^

All four thruster covers behind the weapon pack can be opened as well.

Blaze Wizard pack in "full open" mode ^^

Parts of Gunner Wizard pack's beam cannon component.

Foil stickers are used for the white round area on the body and two triangular red spots near the muzzle.

The targeting sensor should be in clear blue according to the manual, but there's no foil sticker included for this part unfortunately. ^^

As I don't have a metallic blue pen, and I don't want to use any of my bottle paints, the targeting scope is painted using normal metallic green pen instead. ^^;

Painted the tip black using normal marker to give it an extra sense of depth before the "shaven" muzzle is attached. ^^

A look at the ABS joints of the foldable stock and lower barrel.

Tabs and slots are used to secure the stock and lower barrel to the cannon's body in storage mode.

The beam cannon in retracted/storage mode.

The length is abut 17cm.

The beam cannon in expanded mode.

In expanded mode, the length is abut 26cm.

Some of the painted details on the cannon's body.

Parts of Gunner Wizard pack's backpack and energy barrel.

The tips of the mesh pipe are slightly burned using a lighter to fuse the hairy bits, so that the said tip won't get messy during the assembly of this part.

The red wire's wrapper at the corner where it's bent is also slightly burned to maintain its form.

Dedicated slot inside the backpack to fit the mesh pipe and red wire.

Foil sticker is used for the bar that runs around the body.
The narrow selected portion painted with red Gundam Marker seems to be complimenting the foil sticker pretty well.

While not many parts are used, the energy barrel sure is a large component on it own. ^^

All the components of Gunner Wizard pack.

Connecting the mess pipe from the backpack onto the cannon's body.

Done for Gunner Wizard pack. ^^

Various painted and panel lined details on this weapon pack.

A pair of tab and slot connects the cannon's ABS joint to the backpack.

A preview of the completed cannon in expanded mode.

Both weapon packs are completed.

Done with the weapon packs, next up is the body and head of Zaku Warrior to complete the entire build. ^^

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