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BB Senshi Sangokuden Kibutei Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent, Sohi Gundam Set Part 1

3-in-1 glossy bling-bling

Starting on another Gunpla project after 1/100 scale Zaku Warrior with Blaze Wizard and Gunner Wizard packs - a BB Senshi Sangokuden kit this time. Somewhat related to that 1/100 scale kit, this is also a bundled set. ^^

This is the bundled set of Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent and Sohi Gundam. Equipped with parts from the latter two kits, Sousou Gundam will get to assume his emperor form - Kibutei Sousou Gundam (機武帝 曹操ガンダム). Came right after the separate kit release of Sohi Gundam in Jun 2009, folks who have bought that kit plus Joko Serpent and Sousou Gundam would have no need for this set, since the same emperor form parts are included anyway. However, four features of this bundled kit made it seems more attractive than getting the three characters in their separate releases:

(1) Weapon effect parts for Kibutei Sousou Gundam's sword,
(2) Shiny stickers for the emperor's wings/cape,
(3) Glossy molded color for all three kits,
(4) A few special foil stickers that can be used on the five generals of Giga: Kakouton Giros, Kakouen Daras, Chouryou Gelgoog, Choko Zaku III and Joko Serpent.

All for 100 Yen more (1,800 Yen exclusive of tax for the bundled set) as compared to getting the three kits separately (600 Yen exclusive of tax for Sohi Gundam and Joko Serpent respectively, and 500 Yen exclusive of tax for Sousou Gundam). It's a very good deal, especially for me and those who didn't get any of the individual releases of the three kits. Sousou Gundam came out like ages ago (October 2007), but I just didn't have any interest in the character to actually get him. ^^; The three mentioned extra goodies given to this bundled kit added a lot of values and interesting points to that character alone. You can say it's the "updated" version of Sousou Gundam with more special features on par with Joko Serpent and Sohi Gundam with tons of weapon gimmicks or form changes each. ^^

How about those who already have one or all of the separate kits? I understand that's a lot of people really. Most of my friends who are into BB Senshi Sangokuden already have at least one Sousou Gundam in their collection. ^^;

Well... ^^; "早起的鸟儿有虫吃" - interpretation of that popular Chinese saying in this case: those who get something earlier get the goodies is not really true it seems. ^^; Maybe it should be "早起的虫儿被鸟吃" - those who get something too early have some sort of consequences to face. ^^;

Of course that's not to knock on any of three separate releases or folks who got them instead of this bundled set. Glossy molded color for all the parts might not be everyone's preference. Minus the weapon effect parts and shiny stickers, all of Kibutei Sousou Gundam's parts and intended gimmicks can be realized through the three separate releases. Also, folks who already have one or two of the three kits only need to build the ones they don't have to realize the emperor form. For this bundled set, it's working on all three kits in one shot. ^^;

Having said that, I'm pretty sure getting this BB Senshi Sangokuden bundled kit done isn't going to be as straight forward as Rikuson Z Plus did not too long ago. ^^;

As Kibutei Sousou Gundam uses Sohi Gundam huge V-Fin as the base of his "crown", Sohi Gundam is shown wearing his father's V-Fin instead on the box image. ^^

Introduction of the kit on the box sides.

Very nicely designed box bottom print. Red is definitely the right colors for these characters from the Kingdom of Giga. ^^

A nice realization of the box art illustration with completed models of the three characters.


All the runners.

The weapon effect parts for Kibutei Sousou Gundam's sword and shiny stickers for the emperor's wings/cape.

Three separate manuals for the different kits, which are obviously the same ones from their individual releases.

A separate sheet that shows how the weapon effect parts, wing/cape's stickers and special stickers for the five generals are to be used is also included.

Not enough with just box bottom print, all four sides of the container are loaded with images of previous releases in the BB Senshi Sangokuden series before Sohi Gundam.

A look at the different runners in this kit:

[Sousou Gundam]

Runners A1 and A2
They are not separated for this bundled set as the box is wide enough to contain the entire runner.

All the glossy parts. ^^

Runner B

(Left) The character's last name is nicely molded on the forehead.
(Right) Enkotsujin (炎骨刃) that is made of a single part is Sousou Gundam's only hand held weapon. ^^ A lot of paint work is well anticipated, but at least the part has white as its molded color, making the work somewhat simpler (supposedly ^^;).

[Joko Serpent]

Runners A1 and A2 - Not separated as well.

(Left) Joko's unique serpent-head headgear.
(Right) Large one-piece part as the battle ax that requires delicate paint work for the curvy emblems on the cheek. ^^;

The character's name on the soles.

Runner B

(Left) "Fat" one-piece parts for the leg armors XD
(Right) Some crazy molded details on the front skirt armor part.

[Sohi Gundam]

Runner A1

(Left) Unless his father's face part, the eyes and chin are on a separate part for Sohi Gundam.
(Right) Delicate molded feather details on the V-Fin that are just about as awesome as those on Chouryou Gelgoog's headgear. ^^

(Left) Crazy molded details on both sides of Itenken (威天剣).
(Right) Just like Sousou Gundam, the golden portion of the feet are separate parts that you can choose not to put onto the model in plain form.

Runner A2

(Left) Very nice clear green parts for the chest piece and weapons.
(Right) Shoulder shield parts that are obviously shaped after Gundam X Divider's Divider Shield. ^^

(Left) Another one of Sohi Gundam's sword, called 黑翼刀 looks just like the smaller version of Enkotsujin, in black.
(Right) The character's name on the soles.

Runner B

Huge wing parts, with awesome line details on the rear face. ^^
These two wing parts have the best outcome from the glossy molded color treatment in my opinion. ^^

(Left) Equally crazy molded details on both sides of Seihouken (星凰剣).
(Right) Somewhat simpler details on the skirt armor's parts as compared to Joko Serpent's as shown earlier on, but they are still very impressive. ^^


Three sets of PC-300.

Three foil sticker sheets.

Who's a Gundam and who isn't, their eyes can tell you that easily XD

The weapon effect parts for Kibutei Sousou Gundam's sword and shiny stickers for the emperor's wings/cape.

(Left) Very nice painted flame on the weapon effect parts.
(Right) "Bonus" stickers for the five Giga generals can be seen. All the emblems have different number of curve each, indicating the sequence in which the generals join with Sousou Gundam's army I think.

All the parts are separated from their runners.

Paint work on selected parts from each of three kits will start with the next posting. ^^

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