Thursday, October 6, 2011

1/100 Kyrios Part 8

Deceivingly huge

More images of the just completed 1/100 Gundam Kyrios.

Thanks to its massive backpack, large shield, shoulder armors and knees (wings actually), Gundam Kyrios's size seems pretty intimidating. ^^ However, the overall design is actually pretty thin. ^^; Its lower legs are like two long tubes, connected to the feet that are hollow in the middle. The chest armor are pretty deceptive as well, since there some spaces between the protruding armor pieces and the actual GN Drive. On top of everything, if the backpack is removed, it would seem as if 1/3 of the whole kit is gone. ^^; It's a very a top-heavy MS design as well. Most of the large components are concentrated on the upper body, which are supported by two little feet that are hollow in the middle as mentioned above. ^^; Just forget about structural strength then. If it looks good, then it's good enough XD

A lot of accommodations are made for Gundam Kyrios's MA mode transformation - its trademark among the four Gundams, so despite its rather weak structural design, it's pretty unique in nature nonetheless.

Personally, I like MS design with plenty of spiky parts and sharp look, and there are many of such design points on Gundam Kyrios, and especially on this refined Gunpla version with improved proportion and details. So despite the deceptive look of "emptiness", I do like the design of Gundam Kyrios a lot. And to elaborate more on this 1/100 scale kit, it's a brilliant design by all means. Despite the need for tons of painting to make it accurate to its color scheme, the over details and sharp look are very good. Large components such as the backpack and shoulder armors have a lot of redesigned details as deco, and the overall proportion is well balanced.

So, after accepting its main color scheme of orange (XD), I do see this kit as a very fierce design, and I like fierce-looking kit very much. ^^

Another really awesome point about this kit, even though it sounds somewhat mundane, is how well the ankle armors are connected to the feet to cover its hollowness in the middle. It's deceptive yes, but I do welcome the design very much. ^^ The feet do need such "cover-up" to look large and strong enough. ^^ The same design can be found on the HG 1/144 scale version as well, but one could argue that such deceptive design isn't too important for that kit, since its overall size is smaller.

Action poses of this kit coming up next. ^^

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Standing tall and sleek. Nice kit to know that it's only a High Grade 1/100.