Saturday, October 22, 2011

Revoltech Nicholas D Wolfwood Part 4

Short-haired Spike Spiegel

Action poses featuring Revoltech Nicholas D. Wolfwood this time. ^^

Even in undeployed mode, "the Punisher" seems like a really cool weapon when posed with Nicholas.
The lightweight that doesn't match its size makes the whole weapon really unique in display as well. ^^

"The Punisher" in machine gun mode.

Not as crazy-looking as "the Punisher", the two smaller pistols are much easier to pose with the figure though. ^^

Nicholas's option face part is really nice in generating that sharp look in certain poses.

"The Punisher" in launcher mode.

A combination of "the Punisher" and one of the pistols is of course possible.

"The Punisher" can act as a giant prop to support Nicholas's standing pose as well. ^^

Even in undeployed mode, there are many ways to configure "the Punisher" to be displayed with Nicholas.

Very versatile combinations of the figure with its main weapon "the Punisher" and other option parts. In terms of playability, Nicholas does seem to have greater flexibility that Vash the Stampede, even though the design of the figure itself seems much more simple as compared to Vash. ^^

By the way, the look of Nicholas D. Wolfwood with his gun and cigarette really reminds me of Spike Spiegel from "Cowboy Bebop". ^^

More action poses of Revoltech Nicholas in the next posting, which would be the last one for him as well. ^^

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