Monday, October 17, 2011

Revoltech Nicholas D Wolfwood Part 1

The Priest and the punisher

Introduction on another Revoltech Yamaguchi action figure from "Trigun" after Vash the Stampede in the previous posting: Nicholas D. Wolfwood. ^^

Like I said in the previous posting, I have not watched "Trigun" so I don't really know his story, but the introduction of this character on Wikipedia indicates that he's supposed to be an assassin. In the video clip featuring his first encounter with Vash, Nicholas introduced himself to be a priest instead. ^^

Nicholas's self introduction at 1:50
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

On the other hand, we get to know Vash's ridiculously long full name (according to himself) as well XD

Unlike Vash, Nicholas's costume design is extremely simple, almost lacking in details to look appealing in my opinion. ^^; However, the gimmicks incorporated into this Revoltech figure and its option parts seem to be more than what Vash offers. For example, you can choose to show the Nicholas's face expression with or without his sunglasses on, so instead of three, you get six different types of display; Besides parts for the two weapon modes of the Punisher (which look big and really fun I should add ^^), two smaller pistols are included as well for even more playability. There are other really coolsome points about this figure as well, which you will find out eventually through this review series anyway. ^^

While Vash's emphasis is on the look and design details; the selling points for Nicholas seems to be its extensive gimmicks and option parts. Both figures have their own unique advantages and attractiveness, and both are equally fun. ^^

The figure itself and most of its option parts can be seen clearly through the front window.

Paper jacket band shows listing of and promotion for other Revoltech releases.

Typical Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Preview of the figure's awesome action poses and weapon gimmicks. ^^

Tons of weapons and accessories.

The full list of weapons and accessories for this Revoltech figure from Revoltech's official catalog site (sorted according to the numbering shown in the image from the back of the box):
(1) option face part x2,
(2) front hair part with sunglasses x1,
(3) gun holding hand x2 (left, right),
(4) hand with belt to carry "the Punisher" x1,
(5) hand with handle to hold "the Punisher" x1,
(6) option hand unit x5,
(7) cigarette x1 (plus one extra),
(8) & (11) "the Punisher" replacement part - launcher x2,
(9) "the Punisher" x1,
(10) "the Punisher" replacement part - machine gun x1,
(12) launcher effect part x1,
(13) shooting effect part x1,
(14) effect display base x1,
(15) display stand with extension part and Revoltech joints,
Extra: Revol Container x1 and
Extra: Revol Chip worth 10 marks x1.

Box opens.

Box content.

Items on the back of the tray: promo pamphlet for the Sci-fi Revoltech series and Revoltech's generic display stand.

Typical Revoltech display stand.

The promo pamphlet is the same one included for Vash the Stampede.

Since most of Nicholas's option parts are pretty big in size, there are two plastic trays to hold all of them instead of just one on Vash.
The top tray holds the figures, the Punisher, option face and hand parts.

The second tray holds the weapon and effect parts.

The hand with a belt and the two cigarette parts are stored in a separate sealed container to reduce the risk of them getting lost.

A straight out of box display of Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Back to Vash the Stampede in the next posting. ^^

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