Thursday, October 20, 2011

Revoltech Vash the Stampede Part 3

Red octopus

A look at Revoltech Vash the Stampede's articulation design and some action poses in this posting. ^^

Standard neck articulation design via a Revoltech joint, but it's rather difficult to tilt the head to the front or to the back with the solid collar part preventing such movement.

Fortunately, the entire neck area with a portion of the jacket collar is movable, so the issue with the somewhat immobile neck joint turns out to be a non-issue at all. ^^

Pretty standard shoulder, elbow and wrist articulation, all via Revoltech joints of different sizes.

Another look at the right elbow joint with split color that matches its sleeve.
The left elbow joint that is in glossy black, which matches the wrapping on the left arm is a very nice design too.

Five jacket segments with two Revoltech joints on each piece, allowing an almost excessive range of movement for Vash's jacket. ^^

They are very flexible alright, but that excessive flexibility also made it not easy to adjust the jacket to look natural in complimenting Vash's action poses. ^^; They look more like red metallic armor plates instead of segments of a cloak supposedly made of fabric. ^^;

Standard hip, knee and ankle articulation via Revoltech joints of different sizes.
The ankles' movement is somewhat restricted by the shape of Vash's boots.

Testing out how well the joints work with a round of action poses. ^^

With the standard Revoltech joint design for the hip and knee, plus the super flexible jacket pieces, adjusting Vash for a kneeling pose is made to be extremely simple. ^^

With the correct adjustment, the rear jacket pieces can help to support the figure's poses as well XD

Part-swapping to configure different face expressions on Vash.

More exaggerated poses can be supported by the Revoltech stand.

With the gun effect part attached to Vash's gun.

Back to Revoltech Nicholas D. Wolfwood with more images of the figure and its action poses next before coming back to more action poses for Vash.

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