Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revoltech Nicholas D Wolfwood Part 2

Big gun and small guns

Similar to the previous posting on Revoltech Vash the Stampede's option parts, this posting will be an introduction to the many goodies included for Revoltech Nicholas D Wolfwood.

The sheer number of Nicholas's option parts and the size of some of them are staggering for a Revoltech figure. ^^

Two option face parts and one front hair part with sunglasses.

Combined with the default head part of the figure, you can get six different types of display for Nicholas. ^^

Without the sunglasses, the positions of the pupils seem to be the main focus of Nicholas's expressions; with the sunglasses on, the figure's mood is expressed through the shape of its lips.

Left and right hand units that are fixed with a pair of (small) pistols.

Seven types of option hand unit, including two special ones: one to to a strap to carry "the Punisher" and one with a handle to swap with that on "the Punisher" to hold it.

Two pair of hand units with identical poses for either side.

Like the ones included for Vash, the trigger-type hand units (there are two of them) are pretty much useless for this set on its own since there's no separate guns for them to hold.
The left hand unit with a design that is very close to the trigger type shown at the bottom is meant to be posed with the cigarette.

One of the special hand units with the fixed strap and two cigarettes.

Only one is listed on the box, but two are included nonetheless, and both are painted with extreme accuracy and details.
Smoking is still bad for health though.

The strap connects to a slot on the body of "the Punisher".
As you can see, there are two pins at the end of the strap, allowing two different methods to carry the huge weapon.

Part swapping for the handle on "the Punisher" to get the figure to hold it.

The generic Revol Container and Revol Chip worth 10 points.

The highlight of this Revoltech set: "the Punisher". ^^

Comparison of this weapon component with my hand. ^^

Very smooth silver paint work for the cross, and despite its size and color, it's actually very lightweight. ^^

A slot beneath the weapon that can be used to connect to a Revoltech joint ...

... allowing it to be displayed standing on its own on the Revoltech base.
The extension parts of the base are used to lower the entire component instead of extending its position this time. ^^

Replacement part for "the Punisher"'s machine gun mode and firing effect part.

The bottom portion of the weapon can be detached very easily to swap the machine gun part onto the body to form the weapon.

"The Punisher" in machine gun mode.

Looking at the design of the fixed part, I can imagine how awesome the entire bottom part of the cross splits open to reveal the machine gun turret. ^^

Very nice design and paint work for the firing effect part. ^^
While it's pretty much the same as the one included for Vash, this one is better in my opinion because the size is so much bigger, allowing more of its gradient paint work and dynamic shape to be displayed. ^^

Two replacement parts for "the Punisher"'s launcher mode and effect part.

Part swapping to deploy the weapon.

"The Punisher" in launcher mode.

An even more cool-looking weapon, complete with front sight ...

... and vents on the tail units. ^^

Effect part showing a shell being deployed from the launcher.
Another effect part featuring really nice gradient paint work. ^^

Nicholas D Wolfwood shown carrying "the Punisher" over his shoulder with ease.

A very long posting about the many option parts in this Revoltech set. ^^; More images of the figure itself will have to wait till the next posting, which would come after the next one on Vash the Stampede's articulation design and some action poses. ^^

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