Friday, October 28, 2011

BB Senshi Sangokuden Chouryou Gelgoog Part 1

So I heard you like kits with huge weapon?

Starting on another Gunpla project, one which is probably the most overdue kit in my collection as far as I can remember. ^^;

BB Senshi Sangokuden Chouryou Gelgoog is a kit I got more than three years ago - that is something I'm pretty certain of, ^^; because the kit was "somewhat" featured back in the introduction of BB Senshi Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi, and that posting happened to be back in January 2009. ^^;

Part of the runner used to introduce the general design of the BB Senshi Sangokuden series in that previous posting is from this kit. ^^;

So, while it's supposedly as senior as BB Senshi Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi (already completed more than two years ago), I'm just starting on it right now. XD

Anyway, Chouryou Gelgoog is a BB Senshi Sangokuden design that I like very much. The model itself is proportionately larger than many other kits in the same series, complimented by equally huge weapons. ^^ Like most other BB Senshi Sangokuden designs, Chouryou Gelgoog is given its own unique features, including that which represents its allegiance with the kingdom of Giga (various eagle motifs on its armors), relationship with Kan-U Gundam (huge halberd as weapon of choice with the dragon motif on it), plus interesting form change for its weapons.

Speaking of which, the association of a halberd as Chouryou Gelgoog's weapon of choice is accurate to the actual human character's setting (Zhang Liao - 张辽) in "The Romance of the Three Kingdom" as well. ^^

The elaborate details on its armors is staggering as well. The pairs of wings on its helmet and skirt armor are very beautiful to look at, and the little elevated engraving of an eagle on the chest is superbly done. ^^ Those are just two examples of the details I want to emphasize in this introduction of the kit, there are tons of other details to talk about, in future postings that is. ^^

However, you can still associate its overall design with Gelgoog from the world of Gundam - Anavel Gato's Customized Gelgoog to be exact. Apart from the obvious color scheme, the alternate forms of the weapons are very smart "parodies" of the original Gelgoog's beam naginata and shield. ^^ The creativity inserted in such design features is something that I always admire in this Gunpla series. You can choose to like this kit for the character of Chouryou Gelgoog, or for its fun rendition of the original Gelgoog, or for it being just a simple and fun kit to build, or all of that ^^

For me, it's a Zeon mono-eye unit with a huge harbeld. With that point alone, there's no need for anymore discussion on whether to get it or not XD

Introduction of the kit on the box sides.


A look at the different runners in this kit:

Runner A1

(Left) A tiny molded emblem of the kingdom of Giga on the back of Gelgoog's cape is a pretty delicate details,
(Right) Instead of six pack, Gelgoog is a warrior with four pack abs XD

Runner A2

(Left) Very nice molded details on the Halberd,
(Right) Chouryou's name engraved on the sole.

Runner B

(Left) Very nice one-piece leg armor,
(Right) Chouryou's last name molded on the forehead.

Foil sticker sheet (a huge one for Chouryou Gelgoog), polycap set and the special premium as indicated on the box - a souvenir pin.
This is the second pin from BB Senshi Sangokuden kits for me, after Shusou Doven Wolf.

All the parts are separated from their runners.

Unlike the last completed BB Senshi Sangokuden kit - Giga Taifu Shiba-I Sazabi, quite a bit of paint work is required to bring out the flamboyance and colorfulness of Chouryou's Gelgoog. ^^;

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