Thursday, October 13, 2011

RAH Mari Illustrious Makinami Part 2

Pink overdose

Tons of images of RAH Mari Illustrious Makinami after the introduction yesterday. ^^

While she seems alright in the images above, the figure did fell down a few times when I was adjusting her standing positions for the photo shoot. ^^; Luckily, I managed to catch her before she got to crash to the table surface, on most occasions that is, since it's not too difficult to spot the figure's "tendency to collapse" due to her large size. ^^;

The stability of the figure, even in very normal standing poses is indeed very weak, thanks (no thanks to be accurate ^^;) to its tiny feet. Deducting even more strength for support from the feet is the design of the boots' front portion that is fixed to be somewhat skewed upward. Her very long and slender legs that are almost disproportionate to the body are of no help as well. ^^;

Funnily enough, all the design features of Mari's legs are exactly the opposite of that on another RAH figure in my collection - Chunli. Evidently, that figure stands and poses with great stability and ease. ^^

Anyway, the display base included should be an instant solution to the stability issue. For Chunli, that option component is indeed optional, but for Mari, it's a very important support tool. ^^;

Some action poses of this figure in the next posting.

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