Saturday, October 1, 2011

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1st Anniversary to the end

Today marks the first anniversary to the end of my old blog. Even though there was the much longer version of the ending note on October 5th, but the official end was on this day last year, since I no longer wrote anything new in between that date and the final note.

Just to make the details sync more accurately, the time of this posting is scheduled to be according to the time of the October 1, 2010-posting as well. ^^

So, one year passed, nothing really changed actually. Two new Gundam anime were announced, one of them to start in this month. While many were able to recognize that the new TV series is meant to draw in newer generation of fans to expand the entire franchise (as with all Gundam TV series in the past), which is all very normal business stuff, response from majority of those so-called fans all this while is just the same-old-same-old. Funnily enough, I could laugh out loud at some of the reaction and comments, and no longer get hit by any of conflicts. I could actually sit back and look at the whole debacle with a box of popcorn just like what I did occasionally in the early days. XD

On a personal level however, it has been a very fruitful year for my personal collection, since I'm fortunate enough to be able to find many good stuff I missed out in the past within this year. The number of successful "search-and-buy" operations (XD) is so much higher than any previous years, and I'm really happy for that. ^^

On a separate note, this is going to be the first and the last of this so-called anniversary posting for my previous blog. The original intention to do this is the sudden realization to remind myself of certain dates that are noteworthy for me to keep track of, like the establishment date of this blog that I managed to forget for two consecutive years. -_-||| Together with a draft posting set for that date (January 10, 2012), I'm doing this for the old blog as well.

There's no point commemorating the ending of the previous blog, when clearly, there's nothing to commemorate really. XD I never had any regret for the decision to close it down in the first place. Along with web traffic and some level of fame, I think I'd lost quite a bit of respect people used to have for me as well. From many mails I received after the end of the previous blog, I realized that many readers still thought that I was blogging for money and fame, and it was my "responsibility" to never stop. I must admit that the mountain of pressure to climb over was pretty steep for the first half a year, but I overcame that anyway. ^^;

Of course there were many words of support and encouragement as well, which supplemented me with strength to move on after closing the blog. It's great to know that many people share my sentiment that this is a hobby that should be enjoyed with anyone and everyone, as simple as that.

Until today, I still don't quite understand what went wrong with the previous blog for me as the owner to be getting so much fire. It was a mystery really. XD Then again, it was pretty fun to some extend, and I will only (have to) remember that portion now. The fun of enjoying this hobby will never stop, with or without any blog, and that's good enough for me. ^^

By the way, the two very random images of HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam and Transformers Voyager Class Shockwave are there to keep this posting "decorated" with some sort of images. XD They are mine anyway. There has never been a posting on this blog so far that is text-only, and I intend to keep it that way. ^^


Chris said...

Yeah... it's kinda weird for an anniversary to the end. But it's not all bad, because it opens to more development of this blog, where you can focus more on your hobby. In a way, we get to see more of your personal opinion and style of detailing Gunpla.

daymien said...

Wow, has one year really passed since the day the old blog was ended? Yup we should always look into what the future holds rather than looking back on the bad things that happened, hope to more of your works in this blog in future bro:D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is going pretty great for you. Seeing you actually work on your own projects and how you do things is very enjoyable.

I sent an email a few days ago (not sure if you got it, either way not all that important) just wanting to pass on some more encouragement. I myself just recently got back into gunpla from many many years ago and share a lot of your sentiments.

I'm looking forward to sharing this wonderful hobby that we all enjoy~

daydrm said...

NK, ignore those ppl who think u have a "responsibility" to share Gundam, Gunpla & plamo-related news. U own the blog, therefore if u wish to close it then it's entirely ur right. I, for one, supported ur decision then & I still do now :-)

agung_jw said...

i don't mind what made they "fighting" on your previous blog. But honestly, i do more like and enjoying this your new blog. I don more enjoy to learn your treatment to your gunpla hobby, just like what you do. Keep posting bro..

ken-0423 said...

well, i enjoy watch this blog this year, it show much tip on GUNPLA. And i do same opinion with you and dun understand y those 'fans' keep bashing AGE, i look king forward to it