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Revoltech Vash the Stampede Part 1

Love and peace, glasses and giant revolver

It has been quite a while since the last review on a Revoltech action figure on my blog. ^^; There are still many unopened ones in my collection, mostly old items I managed to pick up years after their initial releases. However, the one to be featured in this new review series is not exactly that old anyway. ^^;

Released in July 2011, this is No. 091 Vash the Stampede from "Trigun".

When Revoltech Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood were first announced back in early April last year, I was determined to get both of them as a set. The purchase decision was not due to liking of the characters actually, because the truth is, I actually never watched "Trigun" before to know anything about them. ^^; I know it was a highly popular anime and manga series over a decade ago, since merchandises from the series were among the earliest I saw that weren't Gundam-based when I started to know more about the world of hobby. Having zero knowledge about "Trigun" didn't stop me from liking the Revoltech design of both characters though. The design details and loads of gimmick incorporated into each figure are good enough reasons for me buy them. ^^

Actually, that has been true with many of my other purchases as well, especially the ones featuring game characters. ^^

Of course there are many video clips from "Trigun" that can give us some preview on Vash, and from what I saw so far, he seems to be a really fun character. ^^

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Same idea as Revoltech Yamaguchi Sengoku Basara Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura, or the more recent Play Arts Kai Bayonetta and Jeanne, this is going to be a double feature with Nicholas D. Wolfwood joining Vash in a back-to-back review series. ^^

The figure itself, which occupies the center most portion of the box, can be seen clearly through the front window.

As with most of the option parts.

Paper jacket band shows listing of and promotion for other Revoltech releases.

Generic Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Preview of the crazy Revoltech articulation design, including the much promoted design of Vash's jacket. ^^

List of weapons and accessories.

The full list of weapons and accessories for this Revoltech figure from Revoltech's official catalog site (sorted according to the numbering shown in the image from the back of the box):
(1) option face part x2,
(2) left hand with hidden gun x1,
(3) option hand unit x7,
(4) right hand with gun x1,
(5) effect part for the gun x1,
(6) rubble stand x1,
(7) effect base x1,
(8) display stand with extension part and Revoltech joints,
Extra: Revol Container x1 and
Extra: Revol Chip worth 10 marks x1.

A funny illustration of the character from the anime/manga is shown on the back of the box as well. ^^

Box opens.

Box content. Everything fit on one plastic tray.

Items on the back of the tray: promo pamphlet for the Sci-fi Revoltech series ...

... and Revoltech's generic display stand.

Promo pamphlet for the Sci-fi Revoltech series.

Typical Revoltech display stand.

With the clear plastic cover taken off.

Somewhat rare usage of string with plastic coating that bound Vash to the plastic tray.
Not an important point in any way, I just find it to be pretty unique among the many Revoltech figures I have in the past.

The effect base is revealed to be sitting behind Vash on the tray. ^^

A straight out of box display of Vash.

There's a sense of heaviness on this Revoltech figure that makes it pretty unique among the many reviewed so far, which is not surprising given how elaborate Vash's jacket is. ^^ In before testing out the articulation, the natural-looking curve design and detailed paint work on the figure are so amazing not to mention. ^^ There'll be more images of the figure in another upcoming posting, but all the beautiful designs are commendable with the figure just straight out of its box. ^^

The introduction of Vash's good friend, Nicholas D. Wolfwood in this Revoltech format coming up in the next posting. ^^

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