Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RAH Mari Illustrious Makinami Part 1

A 12" tall meganekko

Starting the review on a really huge (literally) action figure this time: ^^ Medicom Toy's RAH 12" Mari Illustrious Makinami from "Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance".

The introduction of this character was already done in the first posting of her Revoltech Fraulein counterpart many months ago, so I'll just refer you to that. ^^

I got this large sized action figure version of Mari in October last year, after quite a long time of waiting for the pre-order to arrive actually. ^^; The large size of the figure allows great attention to its details, which is the main attraction for me. However, all that comes with a huge price tag of 17,640 Yen (inclusive of tax). ^^; So, unless you're a big fan of this meganekko like I am, I don't really see any "logical" reason to actually make the purchase. ^^; The figure is very beautiful, but the price is very steep at the same time. ^^;

Furthermore, the articulation and stability of this figure is actually very poor, which will be mentioned in greater details in another posting. ^^; I certainly don't see any possibility to justify the price with reasons like, "great articulation and flexibility due to its size", because that's just N/A on this figure XD

A look at the packaging and content in this posting:

Design of the left and right sides of the box.

"[Ages 15+]"
I'm well over that age barrier so I'm OK XD

Very simplistic design of the movie title and a watermark of Nerv's logo on the back of the box.

Same design for the top and bottom sides of the box.

Just like the box of RAH Chunli, or the packaging of any 12" action figure I've seen so far, the box can be opened like a book to reveal the window container inside.

Some simplistic pictures of the figure and details related to the character printed behind the hard paper cover and windowed container.

A look at the figure behind the window.

Except for the clear display stand, it's WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so far for this figure, yet to be removed from its box. ^^;

The just completed Keropla Pururu Chief Medic makes a cameo there for a ridiculous size comparison XD

The hidden magnet to seal the windowed container with the hard paper cover can be spotted right away.

Comparison of the box with that from RAH Chunli.

And with that of 1/6 Jill Valentine (B.S.A.A. Version) from Hot Toys.

Box open.

A look at the figure sealed inside the clear plastic containers.

A product feedback card (I think) that is tapped behind the backdrop of the plastic container.

Rear view of the container, with the clear display stand's parts still taped to it.

With the display base parts removed.

With the top tray removed.

Quite a tease for the next posting there XD

There's certainly no perks from the packaging alone that could justify the high price tag in any way. All the images printed behind the hard paper cover are the exact same ones used when the figure was announced back in end of November 2009, and the overall simplistic design of the entire box is like nothing when compared to that of say, 1/6 Jill Valentine (B.S.A.A. Version) (which I have so I can support my claim ^^), which is just 1,200 Yen more expensive than RAH Mari. Combined that box feature (or lack of to be exact ^^;) with poor articulation I mentioned earlier on, this would be a perfect example of an overpriced character item. ^^; Taking a step back and look at this item from the perspective of an average figurine collector, I could say that and would support anyone that has that opinion.

Then again, this is a 12" action figure of a really beautiful yet bad-ass meganekko that I like very much, and it's pink, so all arguments are invalid.

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Chris said...

One of your prized possessions!
I would have said that you're bringing out your most expensive collection but then you show 2 more or less similar priced items... orz How did you keep getting these pass customs? I knew they charged tax after a certain price limit for imported items. Or you didn't import these yourself? ^^;;

I'm actually quite curious about RAH's articulation. Why would this have less articulation? Aren't they all supported with wire or something?