Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random (8)

Oh my legod...

Japanese Lego enthusiast bowkenken (某犬犬) posted a super awesome completed work of his on his website Labyrinths & Legends more than a week ago: a 1/60 scale complete transformation Ex-S Gundam made of Lego bricks.

Deep Striker too!

As a matter of fact, many mecha related to S Gundam from "Gundam Sentinel", namely S Gundam itself, S Gundam Booster Type, G-Core in escape form, Core Booster, Core Booster Extended form and Pegasus III were realized by bowkenken using Lego bricks as well.

Unbelievable... O_O

Images are from Labyrinths & Legends, via Futana Imageboard.


Chris said...

What make it even more awesome is that they can transform. Epic skills!

Anonymous said...

he is one talented lego lover!

Anonymous said...

Does this ever make it into Lego Digital Designer?? So we can build it!!