Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revoltech Vash the Stampede Part 2

Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III

That's Vash's full name according to himself XD

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Anyway, this would be a posting about the many option parts in this Revoltech set and more images of Vash to examine the details designed on this figure.

The two option face parts.
The hair portion included with each face part is of different design as well.

Seven different option hand units - three left hands and four right hands.
The plates (?) on the back of the hands are painted with a different color than the hands themselves.

The level of paint work put in to differentiate the exposed fingers and silver rings on the three right hand units is very detailed as well.

The two trigger-type hand units are odd inclusion on the list for me, since there is only one gun for Vash, and it's already fixed to a separate right hand unit. ^^;
They would be useful if Vash steals pistols from some other action figures. XD

Right hand unit that is fixed to Vash's gun, left hand unit with hidden gun and effect part for the gun.

While the gun may look simple with silver as the only color, the paint work on the right hand unit holding it is just as extensive as the ones introduced earlier on. ^^

Vash's robotic left hand with a hidden gun is a very unique design to me. ^^

The effect part for the gun has not only a dynamic design for its overall shape, the gradient paint work to simulate fire effect is very cool-looking. ^^
The pin to insert the effect part to the gun muzzle isn't painted, making it less obvious even when it's not used.

Very cool display of the gun with the effect part on. ^^

Rubble stand and a generic Revoltech effect base.

Very nice sculpture and paint work on the rubble stand, complete with bullet holes, realistic-looking wall cracks, different shades of color for the concrete and steel portions of the stand, and even weathering effects on the entire part. ^^

A slot beneath the stand to connect to the Revoltech base.

And this is how the rubble stand looks like, without Vash sitting on it. ^^

The generic Revol Container and Revol Chip worth 10 points.

More images of Revoltech Vash the Stampede, equipped with his signature gun on the right hand.

This is by all means, a marvelously sculptured and painted action figure. ^^ Some of the really awesome points I can see on this figure:
(1) the default face part with a relaxed smile,
(2) all the wrinkles on the jacket, plus the many details such as the buttons and line details on it,
(3) the many belts that wrap around the arms and legs, which are painted with different shades of colors plus accurate detail treatment for the belt buckles,
(4) weathering paint work for the jacket, especially the wrinkle areas,
(5) two colors for the right elbow joint alone to match the colors of the sleeve.

The last point in the list up there is something you don't really see on most action figures, since different colors for a single joint means it has to be specially made just for that figure, for just one part of it no less. In light of cost effectiveness, it's not what most other companies would do. Ultra Act Ultraman Tiga (back of the knee) is an example of that.

Of course I'm not trying to complain about any of those action figures, since I can understand that joint parts that enable articulation would involve a lot of heavy-duty movements, and any special paint work applied might get rubbed off very easily. That is of course undesirable. Specially molded joints that contain the intended colors just for that figure might push the cost higher, making the selling price somewhat more expensive, which may not be desirable too. ^^;

Therefore, it's really awesome to find action figures that go beyond the regular treatment in getting all the details right. ^^ An example of this is Play Arts Kai Jeanne, and I made special mentioning of her split color treatment for the joints as well. This Revoltech Vash the Stampede is a new item on that special list now. ^^

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