Saturday, October 1, 2011

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 5

Harder ones OK, supposedly simpler ones not OK

Almost at the end of the entire work on MG Sinanju Ver. Ka's emblem parts with this posting. With the black area painted in Part 3 and the golden details done in Part 4, the focus now is to get rid of the excessive black paint (main task) and retouch on the golden areas that were done well previously. ^^

This is the task that demands the most level of attention and carefulness, which I use no masking tape for all the work. ^^

Just two examples of the parts with tons of excessive paint to clean up after the previous round of painting. ^^;

Bottle paints used for the whole task are Mr. Color 2 Black Gloss and again, Mr. Metal Color 219 Brass.

Paint brush of various sizes are also deployed. ^^

Panel liners of different tip sizes are also being mobilized. XD

First stage of detailing for the parts. The ones with some minor spilled over paint are detailed using panel liner right away; ...

... while the more serious "cases" (XD), like the many leg and knee parts are panel lined first before going for another round of hand painting.

Refinement of the paint work on quite a few parts.

Of course, the rear faces of all the parts are painted as well.

While I worried about the complexity of detailing the emblem parts for quite a while before the actual work, the actual task turned out to be not as hard as I first imagine it to be. Refining the most complicated emblem design on the chest and shield was no problem at all, as using the panel liner alone is sufficient for the task. Panel lining "out" all the excessive paint is so much easier than using paint brushes, since it's easier to maneuver a pen than a paint brush. Furthermore, the glossy ink of the panel liner looks pretty much just like the spray paint nonetheless.

For the wider areas, paint brush with fine tip worked extremely well. ^^

So, I had very little problem completing the seemingly harder parts, ^^ but not everything is smooth-sailing to the end. ^^; The part that I cannot finalize after many rounds of attempts is the supposedly easier curvy lines on the shield. ^^

Paint black to cover the gold paint, the (new) black paint spilled onto the golden lines; paint gold to cover the black paint, the (new) gold paint spilled onto the black area, and on and on and on ... ^^;

So much time was used for waiting between each round of repainting. ^^; I actually lost count of how many time I switched between gold and black paints for cover up the previous failed attempt. ^^; And maybe it was psychological effect, the amount of spilled over paint to clean up seemed to turn worse after each attempt as well. ^^; It was such a long negative spiral before I was satisfied with the entire task and clean up everything. By then, the shield turned out to be the only part left on the desk, as the others had already been stored away to dry. ^^;

Anyway, I'm glad that everything is done now. However, there's another round of work to be done, before I can really call the whole phase of task a "complete" complete. XD

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Crappystuff said...

This is crazy, NK. But all the more it inspired me to get a Sinanju of my own and do the same.