Friday, October 7, 2011

1/100 Kyrios Part 9

Spikes and claws

All action poses of 1/100 Gundam Kyrios in this posting. ^^

Perhaps surprisingly so, the completed model can throw some pretty nice poses without an display stand, very much like 1/100 Gundam Exia or Gundam Dynames. While it doesn't get to kneel because of the wings, its ground action poses do look solid, as you can find out below. Of course, an extra display stand does provide extra flexibility to the legs to support the model's action poses. ^^

With support from Action Base 1 Celestial Beings Ver.

Deploying the "killer gripper". ^^

The claw segment of the shield can be bent (main purpose is to facilitate the shield's position in MA mode), allowing the hand to reach for the beam saber without the shield getting in the way. ^^

Remote controlled beam sub machine gun is a very unique weapon design. ^^

A look at the MA mode transformation in the next posting. ^^

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